A Little Kindness #QuoteQuest


“One kind word can warm three winter months. ” – Japanese Proverb


If 2020 has taught me anything it’s that the smallest kindnesses can make the biggest differences.

I have been blessed by numerous kindnesses since March.  Friends and family who have gone shopping for us through lockdown, who’ve taken me to medical appointments, picked up foods I’ve not been able to get via online shopping (gluten free gravy granules, Vanilla beans, pepsi max!)and paid for my shopping when times were hard.

There were the presents that came just because, the messages out of the blue, the ‘stay safes’ and ‘look after yourselves’ that came from not only friends but strangers online and on my doorstep.

The outpouring of love for my birthday, the friends around the world who came and zoomed with me, the cards through the door, the long distance hug that brought tears to my eyes.

The neighbour who brings my bins in every week after they’ve been emptied, the nurse who sang to me as she took my blood (I’m an awkward customer) the earrings and things my son bought me just ‘cos and the walnut whips my husband ordered me ‘cos I was sad I couldn’t get them in my shopping.

The validation when I’ve asked for it, the compliments and heart felt, love filled words shared with me when I’ve been in need.

They’re just the kindnesses that spring to mind right this moment. There are so, so, so many. And as the days are short (although now, they’re slowly getting longer again) and it’s cold and damp and grey those little kindnesses keep me warm, keep me smiling. Give me hope.

So remember, those little acts of kindness you do might not seem like much but the light you spark will spread further than you can possibly imagine. It might the something that keeps someone warm and gives them hope in the winter of their lives.



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