A Haunted Hotel Sunday Snog from Victoria Blisse

I’m glad to announce I have a new release and today I’m going to treat you to a kiss from it! The Bigger Briefers have been working hard and we have two new volumes to tempt you with just in time for Haloween! My Story Letting Loose the Beast is in Haunted Hotel (MF) Here’s the blurb:

Does your relationship have more cracks than a witch’s cauldron? Want to put the magic back into the bedroom? It’s couples therapy weekend at hotel BJ, a vacation resort that’s so far South that you can’t help but hear the banjos dueling! And it’s Halloween weekend…

Will more than damaged relationships be brought back from the dead?Anything’s possible on this magic night! Let the authors of the Haunted Hotel anthology show you how it’s done!

Huanted Hotel Sunday Snog! Victoria Blisse and her Bigger Briefs

“The sun is setting,” Tim calls over his shoulder as he finishes washing the dishes. “I need to find somewhere for the night.”

I can hear the anxiety in his voice. He’s not used to not knowing what will happen next.

“Right, well come on then, I’ll show you your place for the night.”

He walks over to me and I grab his hand.

“Did you notice the big bookcase when you came in?” We walk towards it.

“I did. I wondered if you expected us to read all weekend,” Tim teases.

“Not quite,” I reply, “because it’s not just a bookcase.” I push gently on the right hand side and the whole case rolls to the side to reveal a door.

“Oh,” he gasps. “I see.”

“This hotel caters to couples of all kinds and they didn’t bat an eyelash when I explained that I needed somewhere to tie up my husband when I stayed. So, here we are. This is the dungeon.” I reach in and switch on the light. I’m not sure what to expect myself but the stone steps lead down into a small room, stone-floored and typically cellar-like. Until you notice the manacles on the wall and the rack of curious implements. Whips, paddles and even a thin cane.

“Perfect!” Tim exclaims. He squeezes me and bounds down the steps. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Oh no.” I follow him down the stairs at a more sedate pace. “We have over an hour until it’s dark. I’m staying with you.”


“No buts, Tim. Now hold up your hands and I’ll fasten you in.”

My husband isn’t at all submissive but he did as I bid. I fastened his hands in first, then spread his legs and attached the restraints to his ankles. I took the key that dangled from the first lock and put it onto my locket that I always wear around my neck. The first love token from Tim.

“So, I’ll come down in the morning and let you out. Will you be warm enough?” I ask, stroking my hand down his hard chest.

“Oh, fine, darling. Thanks. Now, you should go.” He’s tense and he licks his bottom lip nervously.

“Oh, no no. I’m not missing out on this opportunity,” I purr. I kiss him, pressing hard against his body, and he reacts with a soft whimper. I know why he’s eager for me to go, but I want to prove something to him.

“But, Kate, the danger, I don’t want you to be hurt.” Anguish coats his every word.

“Shhh.” I press my finger to his lips. “I’ll not get harmed, I promise. I just want to use every moment we have together and enjoy having you tied up for a bit.”

He sighs but nods. I slide my hand down his body and I enjoy his hard lines, broken only by the peaks of his nipples. When I cup his genitals, I enjoy the stirring of his cock. Then I walk away. I look over my shoulder and he looks confused and a little frustrated. His dick is coming to life and as I walk away I lift up the edge of my chemise to give him a view of my buttocks. He groans his appreciation. On the other side of the dungeon is a chair. I don’t think its main purpose is for sitting. It’s leather and has a sloped back. It’s fairly low to the ground and when I sit on it, I find it’s the perfect angle for reclining on.

“Now, I’m going to enjoy you hanging around there. Feel free to watch me.”

I skim my hands down my body, cupping my breasts on the way down. I’m vibrating with arousal, my heart hammers in my chest, and I hurry down to my thighs so I can scrunch and lift the fabric to reveal my damp pussy to the cool air. I look at Tim. Tied and unable to touch me. Our gazes meet and I smirk wickedly as I trace my finger into my pubic hair and down between my sex lips. I spread my thighs and moan as I caress my hard clit.

“Fuck,” he curses, looking down to my cunt then back to my face,“Kate.”

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