Sometimes I talk myself into things and forget exactly how I did it.  Not in a bad way, just that general conversation often leads off into interesting plans when I didn’t start out with a plan at all. This happened with Jess. Lots of conversation about smut and kink things ended up in a plan to play at the smut market after party!

Jess is a newbie to the scene, delight to chat to with a bratty streak. I very much enjoy encouraging her to use that against Alex. Muah ha ha. Unfortunately Alex couldn’t make Smut Market so we couldn’t wind him up in person (boo) but we had lots of fun together instead.

I was in the lovely position of having multiples of play planned so I went with the sensible idea of doing the beating before I got beaten myself. And knowing how I ended the night, that was definitely the right decision.  So I showed her my kit bag and she picked and chose things she liked. We also had a few things she’d purchased at the Market to try out too, including a lovely flogger.

An opportunity to try out my flogging game as I don’t do lots of it and Jess was happy to be my crash test bummy.  Heh. We set up on my favourite spanking bench in the main dungeon and did the negotiations thing. Where to hit, what touching was allowed and the usual ‘tell me to stop, fuck off, or yell no’ if you want me to stop. That I do with everyone, especially on a first play together.

It’s always fun discovering how a dynamic goes. Jess and I were very chatty. Discussing how an implement felt from either end and generally gabbing away like we normally do. I always enjoy that kind of play. It is in my wheelhouse to just keep talking. I could waffle for England if that was an Olympic Sport. We had lots of fun and giggles and happy little cat purrs and moans. Especially on using any kind of scratchy on her back. She had some pinwheels I eagerly used as well as employing own nails. I do love giving scritches. And the beating. Obviously.

I used a mixture of my toys and hers and spent a lot of time admiring Jess’s kit bag choices. I was a big fan of the small bouncy ball on a stick (like my cricket ball but with a squash ball sized ball on it) and Jess’s newly purchased flogger from Mav’s Toybox was a joy to wield. I actually felt quite confident in what I was doing. The flogging technique I like the most is swishing it up over my shoulder so it hits my back first then striking diagonally onto the buttocks, one side then the other.  My true switchy nature peeking through as I felt a little slap of pain for myself for every hit I gave.

I always go lighter on a first impact session with a person than I might later on, just because it’s a taster session really and I don’t want to get anywhere near boundaries. Jess was definitely disappointed when I started our cool down, but it is always good to leave them wanting more, right?

After clearing up we snuggled together on a sofa in the social care. Jess had won a teddy on the tombola so he provided hugs too as well as me. We cuddled and chatted and both expressed excitement for doing it again sometime.

I’m such a lucky duck.