This is a work of fiction, based on some real life experience, I’m not telling you which bits are which. But the above photo is of the place described in the following story. 


It’s a beautiful view, the sun is shining and the seagulls calling but all of that is background noise because I have my orders from him. I’m a little scared, but not enough to use my safeword. I’m mostly excited. He’s tapping into my reluctant exhibitionist. I love the fantasy of showing off and being watched but years of insecurity about my body make me far shier in real life.

I’m in the perfect place, high up, so the ever-present sea breeze is strong but sheltered from the view of houses by walls and vegetation.  Well, almost perfect, every now and then people walk past. In fact, every time I hover my finger over the record button on my phone someone turns the corner and I have to nonchalantly pretend I’m looking at and admiring the view.

Then of course, when the cost is clear, the breeze dies down. And the wind is crucial to my challenge. It’s not just an upskirt shot we’re looking for here, it’s a proper Marilyn moment. Skirts blown up revealing…well, nothing beneath.  That was my choice, what to wear. I decided to go with nothing, in a moment of sheer bravery which I have regretted every time a gust of wind has caught my short skirt when I’ve not wanted it to. I don’t want to flash just anyone, just him.

Glancing around I press record on my phone and aim it at my legs, looking down to check they’re in the viewer then back up to make sure the path is still clear. I get restless, as the wind refuses to do more than flutter the hem of my navy blue spotted skirt, so I walk and when the wind rises I twirl and turn to try and encourage it to lift the hem. I won’t know until I view the video later what I’m revealing but the fluttering seems pretty gentle.

I stop recording for a bit then try again, over and over in fact. This is not a quick task but I am determined to stay here until my skirts fly up and expose me. I’m turned on just thinking about it. The wind finally co-operates and I’m catching the billowing of my skirt, turning side to side to reveal front and back.

I hear footsteps.

“Shit, someone’s coming.”

It’s only my camera, but I guess in some way I feel like he’s there with me. I turn my back to the wall and lean. I resist the urge to whistle innocently. I don’t believe anyone does that who isn’t trying to cover up the mischief they’d been caught doing. I wait until I can’t see the guy any longer before pulling out the phone and continuing the filming.  My heart pounding, my cheeks hot from the embarrassment of almost being caught and my thighs wet from the excitement of it all.

A few more strong gusts and I think I’ve captured enough so I walk back to the holiday home, hands gripped at my sides, keeping my floaty, wayward skirts from causing embarrassment. Back in my room, I watch the videos back, minute by minute before chopping and editing off the boring bits to get a few videos that capture the fluttering of my skirts and the lifting of the fabric to reveal my thick thighs, curvy buttocks and in some shots even my uncovered pussy.

It’s strangely enchanting to see myself from this angle, through this lens. I try not to be critical as I am wont to be, looking at myself as hopefully he will look at me, with fascination and lust. I upload the most teasing of the videos, the one which shows the fluttering skirts, and just the merest glimpse of the underside of my buttocks and send a teasing little message, I might be a good girl but I do enjoy being a bit of a brat sometimes too, keeps him on his toes, keeps me smiling in anticipation of retribution.

Once sent, I lie back, hitch up my dress and spread my legs lewdly. I’m so hot and so wet, my fingers are soaked just from pressing against my pubis, they slide between my lips and glide across my clit with ease.

My mind spins with images from the videos I’ve watched back combined with the emotions of exposing myself in public for him. The hot humiliation of nearly being caught out by a stranger and satisfaction of capturing Marilyn moment’s a plenty for him.

Arousal builds, my breath catches as my heart rate increases and I squirm at the impending climax, gasping as I imagine his eyes on me right now. The intense stare taking me over into body shaking ecstasy.

I smooth down my skirts and compose myself, ready to join the rest of my family for an evening meal, to continue my mundane but pleasurable holiday, kink back on the back burner.

Checking my phone, I see a message from him.

Good girl for sending the vid, wicked girl for teasing me so. You can make amends by sending me more footage of your interesting afternoon ASAP.

I select another to send, smile on my lips, eager to please.



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