A Fangtastic review.

Yes, I know, I apologise I have a weakness for bad puns that has been bred in me from an early age. Blame my father and his bad jokes.

Anyway, on with the blog post! I had a wonderful surprise this morning when I popped onto the buy page for The Point and I saw a review and not just a review, a 5 star customer review. Here is what the lovely Jenny X from Newcastle Upon Tyne had to say:

I’d not read a Vamp story before but after watching Twilight I’ve gotten quite a liking for the darkness and mystery they brought to the screen, now Ms. Blisse brings lust into the mix with one of the hottest stories I think I’ve ever read for someone who has been dead for over a hundred years Hugh is HOT! and the romance with Elizabeth is both passionate and believable. Top marks and I’m really looking forward to book two!

I have to say thank you very much to Jenny, her review started my day in the most wonderful way. I know I’m not the only author in the world who enjoys hearing what readers think of her books. I’m really glad she enjoyed it so very much because I loved writing The Point and yes, Hugh is definitely hot!

If you want to discover for yourself just how hot Hugh is then you need to pick up a copy of The Point and read it for yourself.

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