A Date with Total-E-Bound.

This post will be of particular interest to my authorly friends and those who have plans to get published. The lovely lot at Total-E-Bound publishing are hosting an open day on the 9th September and inviting you to it!


I’m going to be there as I’ve got…lots…of stories published and coming soon with Total-E-Bound and I spent a really fun time with the ladies when I went to visit them for the Lincoln Book Festival a little earlier in the year and I can’t wait to see The Time Keeper, Official Talker and “Come to me my pretties” again. Read this blog post to find out what the heck I’m going on about!

So yes, back to the point. If you’d like to get your chance to pitch a story idea (or more than one) to a TEB editor then you’ve got to make it to Lincoln in September! So you need to go to this page and show your interest because registration is only open to the end of July!