“Will you give me a back rub when we get to yours?” Palantilin asked as we were on the bus.

“Of course, I’d love to.” I replied eagerly. Excuse to get my hands all over his hot body? Hell yes count me in.

“I feel a bit cheeky asking because I’m probably not going to have the energy to reciprocate tonight.”

“No worries,” I smiled, ” I can be patient.”

And the poor guy had been up since the crack of dawn, done a full day’s work and an awful lot of travelling, so I completely understood. I wanted to pamper him. I wanted to let him luxuriate in pleasure. He deserves it and him enjoying my attention would be enough satisfaction for me.

In my room later that night, we chatted as we stripped for sleep. I threw off my clothes and threw on my nighty and rolled into bed and right up close to him.

I laid my head in the curve below his collarbone, wrapped my arm around his chest and exhaled with great contentment. He wrapped his arms around me, resting his cheek on my head. Ran a hand down from my waist to my thigh and hitched it up over his waist.

“That’s it.” He encouraged and pulled me closer.

His contented purr vibrated through his body to mine and I smiled so wide. I was completely encompassing Palantilin. He wrapped me round him like a blanket and I held him tightly to me. Cherishing his warmth and enjoying his hot body so close to mine.

Yes, it was a very wholesome, loving moment but also I had my leg hitched over a hot, hot guy. I was very aware of that fact too. Whenever my mouth is in the vicinity of Palantilin’s skin I get this overwhelming urge to kiss. I pressed my lips to his soft skin and he moaned

“Mmm, you can keep doing that.”

I’m not one to disappoint and I’m definitely not one to miss out on an opportunity to kiss a gorgeous body all over. I took the moment to throw off my nighty again. I wanted to feel him skin to skin. And when my lips are kissing, my fingers want to be caressing and I didn’t hold them back. Eyes closed, my fingers skimmed and my lips pursed against soft dips and hard tips and ribs through warm flesh. Every now and then I’d open my eyes just to glance up, enjoy the beauty of his body and his concentrated lust face.

I knew that was what it was, I’ve seen it a time or two. Even in the dark I recognised it. After many kisses and much stroking He moved his hands down to his waist and pushed his underwear lower. I could then stroke his cock as I kissed his chest, his stomach, his lips. Feel his dick twitch at my touch, hear the hitch in his breath, the moans and gasps of arousal.

Wasn’t long until I had his dick in my mouth. Oh, I can’t possibly tell you what a delight it is to have his erection in between my lips. The scent of him, the taste of him, the sight of him. The knowledge that my actions are firing his arousal. It’s so powerful, knowing my actions and my desire is fueling another’s.

When he reached down to grasp his shaft I knew that lust had risen so high that he couldn’t take any more.

The highest compliment.

I shifted my lips so I was sucking his tip as he stroked. I rested my tongue under him, feeling the vibrations of his hand, the rhythmic push and pull of his slickness over my slightly rough tongue.

Everything slowed, everything faded, nothing else mattered but his orgasm.

Our breaths, heavy and laboured, the click and slip of his hand on his cock and it’s slide against my tongue. The throb of my lust echoing the beat of my heart in the depth of my cunt, the warmth spreading it’s tingling vines through my veins to the tips of my fingers and the ends of my hair.

He came with a hissing grunt.

I fastened my mouth around him, eagerly drinking, running my tongue around to lap up every drop. Sweet, salty, warm and delicious. As he stilled, I let his dick fall from between my lips. I moved up into his embrace. We lay together. I could hear his heart beating, fast at first and slowing as he relaxed. I was content.

Palantilin moved over onto his side, and I lay behind him, running my hands over his shoulders and back.

“How tired are you now?” He asked.
“Not so very.” I replied.
“Me too. I was really tired before but I’m not now, for some reason.”
His smirk was contagious and transferred to my lips.

I continued to caress his back, dropping kisses along his shoulder blade. He shifted so my kisses moved up onto his neck below his soft hair and my hand moved over his side to his chest as he continued to shift round.

“So,” He whispered when he was face to face with me. “What do you want?”

It was such a powerful question and one I immediately couldn’t answer. I shook my head as the blush rose to my cheeks and pressed my face into his chest. Voicing my desire is always hard. A million questions bloomed in my mind as I tried to form a response.

What if he says no?

What if I say something stupid?

What if I trip over my words and I make a fool of myself?

Finally, after what felt like hours but I think was only a few moments, I slowly answered. Taking time to carefully form each word. Almost afraid to put my want into words.

“As much as I’m enjoying touching you…I want you to touch me.” I softly whispered.

It wasn’t very precise, it wasn’t even close to all I wanted, but it was all I managed. And it felt like the biggest, heaviest demand of all time as it hung in the air for all of a fraction of a second before Palantilin’s hand was on me and he was pushing me onto my back. His lips were on mine and I couldn’t breathe as I was enveloped by his body touching mine.

He had read what I wanted through the non-specifics of my request as before long his fingers were between my wet lips and seeking my clit. I melted under him. His fingers strummed against my clit, through my juices and back. His lips slipped from mine to my neck. Letting me gasp in much needed air as pleasure hummed through my body.

I was so turned on already, I was in such a delightfully submissive frame of mind that I was coming with virtually every stroke. Gasping in air and shuddering against him. Pleasure rolled through me and I was free, just feeling, just experiencing, just coming over and over.

Then he bit my throat.

Pain burst through the pleasure and made it better somehow. I surrendered to his teeth, the rhythm of his bite throbbing along to the waves of orgasms exploding from his fingertips as they flicked my clit over and over again.
I was consumed.

When he stopped biting, I breathed. When he stopped rubbing my cunt, I sighed in a paradox of relief and regret. When he rolled over me, pushed my thighs wide with his legs and thrust into me I stopped breathing again.

Who needs to breathe anyway, huh?

I tried to grab some kind of control by wrapping my thighs around his waist. I was exploding, floating away. Every stroke of his dick inside me was another jolt of ecstasy. I gripped tightly with my legs around him, I needed him to anchor me.

Gasping, moaning and writhing I was incapable of anything but responding to the pleasure flowing through me. I held on, wanting to give Palantilin what he needed, what he wanted but feeling almost separate from my body and not sure I could take any more.

Did I want it to stop?

Hell no!

But my body was close to giving up on me.

I’d have died happy, mind you.

Palantilin by luck or design pulled away from me then. rolling to my side and dragging me into his embrace. I clung to him tightly. A shiver shook me from head to toe and I giggled.


He continued to hold me and I shivered a few more times. My whole body super-sensitised to everything after the overload of orgasms.

It was my pleasure to cling to him as he held his dick. It was my pleasure to feel him wanking against me as my vibrating, naked body continued to fuel his arousal. It was my pleasure (once I connected brain to body) to stroke his balls and dick too. To scooch down and kiss and lick and stroke and watch as he came.

My pleasure to clean him up at his request.

My pleasure to lay in his arms once more, completely content.

Later, as we talked, Palantilin confessed he’d always planned to make sure I had my pleasure too, he just wanted to see how I’d respond to his request to give without getting myself. He was pleased. I mean, I didn’t want to not have so many orgasms my body felt aftershocks for ages afterwards but I’d have been happy to have facilitated his ecstasy alone. All the rest was a most glorious bonus.

He also asked me when was the last time I’d done anything quite so vanilla. I had to admit it’d been a while. Maybe even years. He was quite happy to be my bit of vanilla.

I think I might have gotten a taste for it.

I’ve definitely got a taste for him.