9 Days to The Vampire’s Choice + Stopping Point Review!


Just over a week until the next Point Vamp is out. Yay! 16th April, put it in your diary and check out the buy page!

But while you’re waiting for that you should read this:

A great review for Stopping Point from Carla Croft!


Miss Blisse…is creating a world, book by book, of what one can only hope to be a long running series. The developing cast of characters is bound to make the series enthralling, and I look forward to seeing how the series develops. ‘Forever is a long time for a vampire,’ concludes the story. All I can hope is that this series continues for a good portion of it, as I’m definitely bitten. I have no doubt you will be too.

Read all of the review here.

And I better get on with my Plans for Book 4. It’s going to be Steve’s book, he’s the last of the three mates and a terrible womaniser. I wonder what he’s going to get up to?