7th Day of Christmas with Jo Sexton And Changing Christmas! #Blissemas #giveaway @jowritesromance


Today’s Blissemas Elf is Joanne Sexton and she’s longing for a White Christmas and commenting on how the season changes over the years.

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Today’s Blissemas bonus is one of my very favourite snogs from Making it Real and follows on the white Christmas theme.

He’s her secret fantasy, but can she turn her dreams into reality? Mary loves the internet but is surprised to find herself falling in love over it. Will is a mysterious, sexy American she meets on a forum and soon it becomes apparent they have Chemistry. Part time waitress and full time author Mary is thrilled to find out her online crush is visiting England on business and plans to seduce him but will the heat that freely flows from monitor to monitor be present in the cold reality of Manchester in winter?


The air was crisp, cold and soft in that unique way you only ever get when it snows. The flakes fluttered down in fast flurries and obscured everything more than an inch or so from the end of my nose. As I got used to the closeness of the snow, I could see my lawn was already coated with an inch thick layer.

Will stood next to me, bare hands raised to the sky, his face lifted up to the tickling snowflakes. He straightened his head with a smile and a laugh, then shook it furiously and ran his fingers over his cheeks to knock away the snow which lay there.

“Snow,” he cried.

“Snow,” I replied, his enthusiasm contagious. He ran onto the lawn and I could hear him whooping and laughing. I ran over to join him.

Whoomf! Snow hit my coat just above my breast and showered my chin with snow drops.

“Hey,” I yelled. “You little bugger.” I dropped my shoulder and scooped up some snow and packed it into my hand as another snowball hit my arm. “That’s it,” I shouted, “you’re in for it now.” I followed the shrieks of laughter. As I glimpsed his dark coat through the snow, I launched the cool sphere in its direction. I was soon rewarded by the dull thud of it making contact. “Ha, take that.” I giggled and scooped up more. I ducked as I heard the whoosh of displaced air flying behind another snowball, straightened up and launched my own. “Ha, you missed me.” I heard another satisfying thud and a muffled curse.

“No more mister nice guy,” he exclaimed and I heard the fast-paced crunching as he rushed towards me. I turned to see where he was heading and got whacked. A rocket of snow impacted and exploded on my face, covering me in cold, cold snowflakes that tickled my skin.

“Mary, you okay?” Will was beside me, looking concerned. I laughed and pressed my handful of snow into his cheek.

“I am now,” I giggled. I ducked and ran away, laughing as he cursed then guffawed. Another ball left my hand, but I missed him. I was so engrossed in making a new missile that I didn’t hear him creep up behind me, but suddenly I felt the scarf pulled away from my neck and a flurry of ice hit the hot flesh of my neck and flowed down as it melted into cool streams. I screamed and shook.

“You bastard,” I cried, when my breath returned from the icy shock. I ran at him, snow in hand and grasped for his coat. He shook, shimmied and escaped. I ran at him again and grabbed him at the front, pulling on that expensive coat and forcing the snow in my right hand down into the space I managed to create between his neck and the material.

“Ha, sweet revenge,” I giggled as he shook and shuddered. His hand shot out and held me by the collar. “No, no, no.” I tried to wriggle from his grasp, but as he leant down to the ground to scoop up the snow, he pulled me with him. I kept giggling, shrieking and struggling to escape, but he was holding me fast and he pulled the zip down on my mac until my chest was exposed. He smooshed a massive handful of cold whiteness into the creamy flesh there, pressed it down and squashed it against my exposed skin. It took my breath away. He held his hands there as it melted. The icy shock tickled and made me giggle and gasp. When the mass of moistness melted completely, he left his cold hand pressed against my warming skin. The shock of his touch, so intimately pressed over my heart, took my breath away.

“I surrender.” I gasped, my heart thumping.

“Well, I’m not going to let you.” He grinned, turning to scoop up more snow.

“No!” I screamed and tried to pull away from him. All I managed to do was overbalance. I fell to the snow covered lawn, pulling Will down on top of me.

Laughing hysterically, he spluttered, “Are you okay?”

I was giggling, too.

“Yes, I’m fine.” I felt his body heat warming me. I became aware of my breath as it escaped in short pants. “You’ve got bit of snow just here…” he barely whispered the words as his fingers brushed gently against my cheek. They were cold but they heated me up, slowly at first. The flames of lust licked down his fingers to my cheek and then to my neck and lower to suffuse my chest. His fingers traced a light pattern, softly stroking as our eyes locked. I was lost in the depths of those treacle-coloured orbs. I wanted to lean up and press my lips to his.

I thought I was dreaming when I realised his lips were pressed against mine. My eyes closed and my hands wrapped around his neck. His lips were cold, but then so were mine. As we gently undulated them, the heat flowed through from the points where we were joined to suffuse our lips, mouths, hearts and whole bodies with a burning urge, a fiery need.

The kiss was not satisfied with being small and tight-lipped. It compelled me to press my lips harder to his, to move them apart and slide them all over the surface of his mouth. His lips were soft, supple and giving. He was kissing me as strongly as I was kissing him, his hand gently cupped my face. The snow below me was cold, but it was a delicious contrast to the heat of his body on top of mine. He pulled his lips from me.

“We should go inside,” he gasped, “before you catch pneumonia.”

“Yes.” I panted, “yes, sure. Inside.” He slipped his body off me and held out a hand to help me up. I sprung into his arms and he wrapped me in a tight embrace. Our lips found each other again and continued the crazed kiss of moments ago. Snow was falling and every other sound was muted. All I could hear was the gasping of our breathing and the slapping of our lips against each other.

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