5th Day of Blissemas with Tamsins Flowers and Sommer Marsden Advent Calender goodies!

The lovely Tamsin Flowers is the Blissemas elf today, with an excerpt from The Christmas tatoo!

blissemas day 5

Sommer Marsden is giving away a FREE book today, oh yes, folks. Everyone who plays will get a free copy of Lion Hearted, so scoot over to the Advent Calendar right now!

Smut Advent Calendar

And if you want even more Blissemas goodness, then pick up your copy of the very first Blissemas Tale!

Proving Santa Exists

Proving Santa Exists is available at Amazon. It’s 77p at amazon UK and $1.20 at Amazon US

ANNNNNNNND on a completely unconnected note I am in the UK Newspaper the Daily Star today! Look:

Me in the daily star

Read the article here online!