5 songs of Blissemas!


1, We wish you a merry Blissemas. Of course, it’s a classic.
2, It’s Blissemas! Oh yes it is. :)
3, Jingle Blisse, Jingle Blisse, Jingle all the way! Nothing like a good jingle to get me in the Christmas mood.
4,Blisse Christmas It’s nto quite the title of a film but close enough!
5, I saw Mummy Blisseing Santa Claus! Oh my, oh my, that is very, very rude indeed!

So, can you think of any more songs of Blissemas?

Christmas music is very evocative isn’t it? You hear a tune and it immediately puts you in the mood. In my upcoming Christmas Release Snowed in at School, I use a song that I think of every time it snows.

Baby, it’s cold Outside and this version is the one that I think of, it always makes me smile and Tom Jones is just iconic, bless him. I don’t want to through my knickers at him though, you’ll be glad to know. :)


Anyway, here’s the blurb for Snowed in at School, it’ll be available on the 22nd December.

The weather outside is frightful…

Gary and Lucy, two teachers, are snowed in the school together on Christmas Eve. Gary tries to wade across the school playground to freedom but all that happens is he ends up wet and trouserless and Lucy has to work out some way to warm him up. Could this be the ideal opportunity for her to make her sexiest fantasies come true?

You’ll have to read it to see where the song comes into play and how!

Remember to comment in this season of Blissemas as you could be in to win 15 prizes! To find out more details check yesterday’s blog!

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