5 out of 5 Would Let Beat Again

When I agreed to play with a scene newbie, I did so expecting a light afternoon of hesitant hits with random bits of our kit that would be fun but low effort for me. I wasn’t expecting much in the way of pain.

Boy, was I wrong in so many good ways.

I met Palantilin at a munch, then spent some time chatting to him at his first play event. We hit it off and in further conversation online I agreed to play. I mean, I could paint it as me being a good host, selflessly offering myself up to the newbie as an act of service to our community but we all know that’s bollocks. I was in it for the pain and the fun with the hot new guy on the scene! Not at all a selfless act.

I turned up to Carefree and Kinky with a buzz of happy anticipation sitting in the pit of my stomach. An advantage to having to work at play events is that I have plenty to keep me occupied so I don’t have time to worry!

Palantilin and I shared a quick hug when he arrived but then I was on tombola duty, selling tickets to eager folks wanting to have a go at winning awesome, sexy prizes. After a while he came over to chat and of course, Kev got the kit bag out to show him my ‘favourite’ paddle. The fucking rubber tantus that I hate but tolerate. Thanks, husband dearest! I’m glad to say we moved on from that to a little play around with the vacuum cups and our electrics kit, a casual bit of show and tell in the social room. I think it was a nice, casual way to get ready for play.

We headed off to find a room, kit bags in tow. The round room was empty so we set up in there. It’s a coveted room, as it has a lot of space to move around and a raised, circular bed/pedestal in the middle. I pulled out some of our kit and laid it on the bed. Leaving other things in the bags, but to hand in case they were needed.

I’m a lot less hesitant about throwing off my clothes these days and I didn’t think much of stripping as we did the pre-scene negotiations. I explained where it was okay to hit. I have lots of fleshy bits, so there’s lots of me to go at (yay, fat masochist win!) how if I say anything that sounds like no, stop, red, that would mean stop. We agreed where expectations were, just kink but with room to negotiate depending on the mood (I mentioned he’s hot, right? right. Good) and, I lay down on my front and thought of evilness.

And boy, Palantilin delivered. I expected hesitant. I expected to (honestly) be a wee bit bored? But oh no. No, not at all. He started out with the bear claws. Explaining how he reckoned he’d enjoy their scratchiness himself. That was fun. I made lots of happy rumbly noises and giggled a few times as he found some of my vulnerable tickly spots. It was a lovely way to get warmed up before implements were used.

Which ones and in which order? I’m not sure. But I definitely knew that I was being hit. The build up was perfect for me, he worked my back , butt and thighs. I took a moment to note where was good to hit and where not, even though he was doing it naturally. I take my kink responsibilities seriously I do!

I gave positive feedback too.

“You’re very good at this!” I exclaimed as I squirmed under his unerring aim.

“Oh, good, will you be giving me a 5 star review on…”

“Yelp?” I filled in with a laugh. He laughed too.

“Yes, 5 out of 5 stars, would let beat again.” I enthusiastically exclaimed.

It soon became obvious that Palantilin was definitely a Sadist. He was looking for the spots that made me squeal or squiggle my feet around. He found them and used them mercilessly to his advantage. He even got me huffing at him.

There’s a proper grumpy whine I make which is the non-wordy equivalent of ‘why?why the fuck would you do that?’ and as I growled and gristled at him, he hit me.

“You know, I’m waiting for you to grumble so I have more reason to hit you harder.”

See, natural meanie.

But a respectful one. When I said ‘oh, no more of that one there,’ he would listen and move on. He was definitely taking note of my noises and moans because implements would be used harder or faster or slower depending on the squeaks and shrieks I let out. Some would be used for ages, others would be abandoned as I clearly wasn’t noisy enough.

“Roll over.” He said after a while. And gingerly I did.

“How would you feel if I used this…” He held up a particularly evil, thin cane, “Here.” he pointed at my boobs.

“I would feel a lot,” I quipped and he laughed. “but yeah, sure.”

You know when you immediately regret the words that just came out of your mouth?

Yeah. That.

Palantilin has ridiculously accurate aim.

“My poor nipple!” I screeched, repeatedly as the…lovely and very kind *ahem* meanie hit my tender nips time and time again.

In the end I rolled away from the cane. Now, some meanies stop at this point. Not Palantilin. He continued to hit me but on my tender thighs. So no matter where i tossed or turned too, there was pain awaiting me.

“Give me a minute to recover.” I begged after a while. Sitting up slowly and catching my breath. He came and sat on the bed with me, checking I was okay. I reassured him I’d be ready to go again in a bit and then moaned about my poor stinging nipples.

“Would you like me to kiss them better?”

“Mmm, that’d be nice.” I replied with a purr. The kissing better was lovely. Soft, gentle and warm.

See, this meanie has already worked out that it pays off to be really nice too because it means you can do more mean things. He massaged my poor shoulders, as that’s where I hold all my tension, and gently stroked my back a time or two. It always worried me, because I knew even meaner things were to come.

Okay, worried might be the wrong word. Turned me on might be more accurate.

So, it soon became obvious that Palantilin had found a favourite implement to use. We have this beautiful crop, it has roses on it. It’s from Bondara and looks lovely. But dear Christ does it sting like fuck.

Especially when the meanie using it is good at hitting the same area of flesh over and over again. Boobs, belly (I have lots of fat, there, so don’t worry, I can take it!) and the front of my thighs until I rolled right over…and they continued to hit my butt and back of thighs instead.

Yeah, Palantilin is brutal at a distance with a cane type implement – long arms apparently- but he is also dangerous up close.

“Maybe if I sit here I can stop you wriggling.” He stated, in his cool, softly spoken way. Which believe me, is scary as fuck. He sat on my thighs, holding me down. so he could use various implements on all areas of my butt.

“Oh, I think this is my favourite spot.” He exclaimed (not quite a cackle but not far off) as he kept hitting me squarely on the squishy flesh over my hip. I would yelp and squeal and wriggle and moan and sob with the pain. He liked it.

Even when I said I couldn’t take any more impact at that spot because it was too sore, he ran his fingers over the area.

“It’s welted and hot.” I moaned.

“Yeah, I can feel it.” I could hear the gloat, clear as day. And he spent a while gently but purposefully tracing his fingers over the spot to hear me whimper and moan as even the faintest touch hurt.

At some point, another kinkster popped their head in and asked where we were up to in play.

“About the middle?” I responded and they headed off to find another room to play in.

“I’m glad you said that.” Palantilin said, when the door shut. “Because I haven’t finished with you yet.”

My stomach clenched with fear. My cunt clenched with arousal. I was a happy V, seeing stars and feeling a tad floaty and also did I mention I was very, very happy? Oh, I was.

I got more beats, with more evil implements, including my favourite studded paddle but as a little blood was drawn, we mutually decided that that was enough beating for this time.

He walked round to the head of the bed and gently massaged my shoulders and back, bending over to drop gentle kisses where his fingers hand been. I moaned happily, wonderfully floaty and happy and achy.

“How would you feel about giving me oral sex?” He asked.

“Mmm, I’d like that.” I inched forward and he pulled down his trousers so I could just see his cock straining up. I wrapped my lips around and hummed happily. I traced my lips and tongue around his head and shaft, trying to find the spots that made him moan and shudder. I found my rhythm and took more and more of him into my mouth. His hands entwined in my hair and I am sure he must have felt me smiling around his erection.

“Good girl.” He breathily whispered and oh, is there anything so satisfying as those words? In that moment, most assuredly not.

I moved onto my back after a while, at his behest and looking up I could see his cock, his hand stroking and past that his face, in the half light of the darkened room. My God, it was so hot. I’d lick out my tongue and moan and gasp and oh, I felt like a goddess lying there, so turned on by his arousal.

when I moved to my side to suck him more, it was wonderfully painful, leaning on the favourite spot with the evil bruise but after a while I couldn’t do it any more. so he lay on the bed. Still fully clothed in complete contrast to my total nakedness. That in itself was stimulating and a visual representation of our power exchange.

“Would you like a kiss?” I asked. I am a kiss whore after all and his lips were soft and tender, his kiss gentle and insistent and I quite happily would have gotten lost in it but I had a task in hand, I mean mouth, so I slid my hands down over his clothed torso and reacquainted myself with his cock.

I was kneeling over him and his hand slipped down between us and into the warm space between my thighs and soon he found how wet I was. He groaned at the discovery and I moaned around his dick.

Soon it became much harder to think as Palantilin found my clit and all I was doing was moaning and gasping around his cock. It didn’t seem to bother him though, he pressed more insistently up into my mouth as I felt the rolls and shudders of pleasure shooting from my cunt to my lips and back again.

A rolling tide of orgasms gripped me, each one a little stronger than the last, I was gasping for air around his dick but reluctant to pull away. I moaned and writhed and shuddered at his fingertips. When I pulled back, gasping and groaning and incapable of thought. He moved his hand to his cock and as I laid on his stomach I watched him wank.

It must be one of the most intimate things to watch. I am always honoured and turned on by the opportunity to watch someone pleasure themself to completion. And when he came I eagerly lapped up his cum, enveloping his head and gulping down eagerly.

We lay together, panting and moaning and laughing and chatting.

“So, do I get 5 stars on yelp?” I teasingly asked.

“Oh, yes. Definitely would beat again.”

Here’s the bruise from Palantilin’s favourite spot, y’all know I enjoy peacocking my marks!

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