4th July Sexy Discounts for today only!

Hi all, today I’m just slipping in a few discounts for you, so you can enjoy some fourth of July sexy shopping!


25% off? Fabulous. Here’s some American influenced stories for you to give a go!


Bollywood Nightmare sees Bollywood’s curviest and sexiest actress heading to Hollywood to film but things don’t quite go to plan when Johnny the Djinn gets involved.


Travel Delight takes you on a whirlwind adventure with a hot young American…niiiiiice!

And at Xcite Books you can get 40% off! Might as well get two at that discount!


Naughty Rendezvous is book one in a series, where Leanna and Joe start out their special relationship. Joe is a dominant man and Leanna enjoys having him tell her what to do. This is a fabulous Anglo-American relationship with lots of references to the fun differences in language from one country to the other. At 59p each you might as well get the whole trilogy, pick up Seductive Rendezvous and Wild Rendezvous.

Tempting Rendezvous400

Tempting Rendezvous brings all 3 Rendezvous tales together in one paperback volume that you can treasure and keep Joe on your Book sheklf for when you need some of his special brand of pleasure!

Enjoy the day and the discounts!