250th Sunday Snog in Aid of FPA! Prize Blog Hop! @TalkSmut #bloghop #erotica #charity


Can you believe it? This is the 250th Sunday snog! In reality, I think it’s a few more than that because of the Blisse Kisses and the occasional behind the scenes snaffu (I’m not the best with numbers) but WOW, this is a big achievement. When I first started the Sunday Snog I had no idea it would go on for so long or become such a fixture in my life.

So of course I’m celebrating. Today’s Sunday Snog will last all week, with authors able to add their kissing excerpt at any time, so be sure to come back and check each day for new contributions.  There are prizes  too, The Star Prize is a tote bag filled with smutty goodies, including a signed bookmark from yours truly! And 3 other luck winners will get an eBook copy of  One Night in Manchester each to enjoy, whoop!


We’re also raising funds for the amazing sexual Health Charity FPA  because as an erotica author, as part of Smut.UK and now as a Reverend of Kink I can see the importance of Sexual wellbeing and want to work towards a world ‘…where everyone can make positive choices about their own sexual health and wellbeing’ So please, if you can, donate a little something to the cause at the 250th Sunday Snog Just Giving Page  we’re aiming to raise £250 but would love to smash that target with your help!

It’s a time of anniversary and celebration at Smut HQ this coming week because 2 special events are happening.  On the 4th November we’re holding a Birthday party sponsored by Innocent Sex Toys at Cirque Manchester to celebrate 5 years of Smut.UK , tickets are available now, please join us for nibbles, cake, readings and sexy Professor Scribblicious performances.



And then on the 6th November I, queen of Smut, Celebrate my 10 years of being a published Author. How amazing is that?  Now the appropriate way to celebrate that is with a book, of course, so I have a special collection of Ten stories coming out on the 6th Nov and for a few days only it’ll be completely FREE so be ready to grab your copy on the 6th November. Now on with the snog, an exclusive excerpt from this upcoming anthology!




Victoria Blisse has collected together ten stories of bondage, dominance and pleasurable pain to celebrate ten years as a published author.

This diverse mixture of tiny, teasing tales filled with sexy doms and their dedicated submissives showcases her unique style and her favourite genre: BDSM.

Enjoy a lap dance, a naked suit fitting and a bit of floral bondage. Experience punishments with crops, canes, floggers, hands and even a spatula in locations as diverse as a locker room and at the bottom of the stairs. Discover the fun of ball gags, sherbet lemons, secret collars and tape measures. Be swept away by the lust of these alpha males and their treasured subs.

There is something for all tastes, with kinks in all flavours for you to sample. Feast on this anthology of decadent delights by the one and only Queen of Smut.




This excerpt is from ‘Private Dances in Public Places’, I hope you enjoy!

Tipping forward I let the bra pool in my hands then threw it away. I gulped. It was all well and good concentrating on Jake but I was in a public place surrounded by the most beautiful of dancers. I glanced to the side, masking it as part of the seductive dance and was happy to see that no one seemed to be paying me any attention at all. I swung my head, whipping my hair around, the song seemed to dictate that hair flipping was mandatory. I whipped it back again and focused back in on him, a strand of hair blocking my view until I run my hand back through my hair, conveniently pressing my breasts forward towards him.

Naked bar my heels I was electrified with a mix of anticipation and fear. At any moment I could be stopped, at any moment someone could spot me and laugh. I looked back to his face, his eyes caught mine and all the fear melted away in the fire of lust. His eyes smouldered with need.

Everything else faded away, all that mattered was Jake, me and the music. I placed a hand on each of his and slowly swayed, lowering my body, bending my knees, getting to a point where I was crouching low between his open knees. A view straight up between his trousered thighs, over the bulge of his crotch, up the plane of his stomach beneath the black top, higher to where his collar bone shows, tracing my gaze up Jakes neck, to his chin, his plump lips and finally to his eyes. He stared down at me, stern and possessive.

I rose up to meet that gaze, bent forward to bring my lips to his, rules, propriety forgotten we kissed. Hard, deep, my hands still holding his down on his thighs. I pulled back, panting heavily. His hot lip marks lingered on mine, the prickle of his beard tingled around my mouth. I pulled in deep breaths of cooling air, my chest heaved and as I looked down it gave me an idea. I pushed closer until my breasts pressed against his face, Jake’s hard planes and prickles against my soft, smooth skin.


To be in to win the star prize and 3 runner up prizes please leave a comment below. Then move on to check all the other Sunday Snogs out and comment on them too because every comment you make counts as an entry into the prize draw. The winners will be picked on the 6th November and only comments made up until Midnight on the 5th November will count, thank you.

Authors, please join in with your own snog but be sure to link back to this page. Offering a prize is not compulsory but would be thrilled if you did, you are solely responsible for picking, choosing and sending your prizes (please have your contests open worldwide) Thank you for celebrating with me!