Review, write, edits and More!

Hello all, I’ve had one of the busiest weeks ever but it’s been filled with lots of good things.


Firstly I got a fantastic review for The Point from the ever lovely Lucy Felthouse.

She said:

I really enjoyed this novella. I whizzed through it pretty quickly, mainly because Blisse’s writing style is so easy to read. The tone is light and fun, and the sex is deliciously steamy. The main characters, Hugh and Elizabeth, are very likeable and I think this is important, particularly if an author wants people to want to keep reading about them.

To read the whole thing pop over to her website and check it out.

This was a lovely start to a week full of hard work. I had to finish a short story to submit it on Wednesday. It was hard work but I got there in the end. I will let you know what happens with Snowed in at School as soon as I hear anything. It’s quite a cute little romance about two teachers who fancy the socks off each other but never pluck up the courage to ask each other out but then they get snowed in at school on Christmas Eve and finally they confront their attraction head on.

It was interesting writing about winter and snow and feeling cold in the middle of summer! It certainly helped me to cool down!

So once I finished writing I had to get stuck in to the Stopping Point Edits that my wonderful Total-E-Bound editor Delaney had sent me. Yep, Stopping Point will be out on the 18th October and is book two in the Point Vamp series. I’m glad to say the edits are now done and back with my lovely editor. Hurrah.

And now the best and biggest hurrah of the week. An interview with Miranda Forbes and yours truly appeared in this month’s Writers’ Forum magazine and yesterday I picked up a copy from my local newsagents and squealed in the aisle!

Here’s a photo of part of the article for your viewing pleasure!


How awesome is that, huh?

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