Many people have beef with 2016. I have to say I had some pretty horrific moments in the year myself but I’ve also had some really amazing times too. Life is a balance. I’m glad to say I can see lots of good outweighing the bad.  It’s been an incredibly busy year and when I took a fun stroll down memory lane through past blogs I saw a rough three way (oo er) split of themes.  So lets’ take a look back at the good bits of the past year.


At the beginning of the year, I started writing articles for the fabulous Kink Craft I’m glad to say this is something I’ve continued and enjoyed very much! I do love finding new outlets for my writing creativity.

UV Photoshoot with Bea Noir


It was a cold, snowy day but soon was illuminated with fun UV paint. I have such a fun time observing Jay’s Creative Networker shoot  and even got roped into it myself somehow!

I’ve had a few new releases in 2016, 3 of which are with brand new to me publishers! : Inked (anthology from Sexy Little Pages), One Night in Manchester from Tirgearr,The  Billionaire and theWild Man from Evernight with Lucy Felthouse -my first co-write,  Sexy Just Got Kinky (the latest Brit Babes collection) and for me, the biggest release of the year: Tender, celebrating my 10 years writing erotica!

Blurb:Victoria Blisse has collected together ten stories of bondage, dominance and pleasurable pain to celebrate ten years as a published author.This diverse mixture of tiny, teasing tales filled with sexy doms and their dedicated submissives showcases her unique style and her favourite genre: BDSM.

Enjoy a lap dance, a naked suit fitting and a bit of floral bondage. Experience punishments with crops, canes, floggers, hands and even a spatula in locations as diverse as a locker room and at the bottom of the stairs. Discover the fun of ball gags, sherbet lemons, secret collars and tape measures. Be swept away by the lust of these alpha males and their treasured subs.

There is something for all tastes, with kinks in all flavours for you to sample. Feast on this anthology of decadent delights by the one and only Queen of Smut.



You can grab it at Amazon if you haven’t already for 99p/99c

I enjoyed a few months at a Creative Writing group which challenged me in unusual ways (writing without smut! How crazy, huh?) and I made a couple of really good friends there, Dave a real inspiration of a Writer and Ian who has a fabulous way of capturing character AND is the fastest tombola ticket folding elf in the North West. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

A great source of creative inspiration this year has been Professor Scribblicious, an amazing creative writing event with cabaret acts (pole , fire, burlesque, magicians, freak shows) workshops and really fun writing challenges. 

Manchester Pride night not strike you as a creative event but for me it is. I love to see the array of people being themselves, celebrating love and having a grand, gay old time. This was my second visit to Pride and this year will always be especially special because I got ordained. Yep, I’m now the Reverend of Smut!


I’ve had a fair few firsts this year and attended my first Author Signing at the Manchester Author Signing and Evening Gig  which was great fun and I got to meet some fellow awesome authors for the first time.


It has been a thoroughly smutty year. Huzzah. From a small idea 5 years ago, Smut has grown into a fully fledged business!

Kinky Car Boot – not words you’d normally put together but we had thoroughly good fun at the one at MARS! I even got a bit tied up…

Kinky Carboot at MARS

Smut by the Sea Sponsored by Godemiche was fantastic fun! Dildoes, Unicorns, fantasy and Sci fi as well as wonderful social times with inspiring and smutty friends.

I finally got to a Scarlet Ladies event! All about Body Image , I had a fantastic time!

ETO was extra special this year as I was nominated and my awesome mate and fellow Brit Babe Tabitha Rayne won Erotic Author of the year!

Sexhibition brought another nomination and a whole lot of hard work but boy, it was fun. We had a huge space and filled the weekend with readings, performances and smutty goodness. Our soft chairs were a welcoming oasis too.  Check out my write up for a full report on the smutty, sexy shenanigans.

Smut Manchester is always a highlight of our calendar and this year was no exception! Held in a real life actual dungeon (oh yes) with actual real life kinky people to interrogate…I mean ask questions of, it was a really fun day with a KD Grace Book Launch which filled me with pride as the idea for it came from a Smut Manchester workshop the year before!

I’ve already mentioned Tender , that anthology was created and released to celebrate my 10 year anniversary of being a published Erotica author. I’m still amazed that’s it’s been 10 years. It’s had it’s ups and downs but  I wouldn’t stop writing for the world. Here’s to 10 more years of Blisseful smut, huh? At least!

It’s been a year of anniversaries with the 5th Smut Birthday Party  at the gorgeous Cirque being a wonderful way to celebrate 5 years of Smut.UK from a conversation and a what if to what it is today in 5 years is no mean feat. Much thanks to my partner in Crime Kev for being the co-founder  and to the Smutty Bunnies Lucy Felthouse (editor extraordinaire)and Matt S Tombola ticket selling ninja for making it all happen!

A sad but special moment was attending the Last Ever Manchester Alternative and Burlesque Fair. We’ve been part of this amazing fair for the past 3 years and are really sad to see it go. We had an amazing time there with our tombola and Nedd Balls, the Mucky Dip.


This year my kink went from just ink into real life. It has been a wild ride and I’ve only just started my journey…I can’t wait to experience more. It started small but I went from dabbling to joining in with great gusto on my first visit to Miss T’s. It was an experience I’ll never forgot and left me eagerly craving for more.

I discovered the pleasure of Hot Wax soon after, using Kink Craft Candles and our Sheet of San Francisco me and Mr Blisse had great fun using each other as canvases!

Of all the things I thought I wanted to experience, being whipped wasn’t one of them but as it turns out I really rather love it. I had a fun night being Whipped by that best of bad influences and eager Enabler, Sensei. I’m very glad to have him in my life, he is a fantastic teacher.


I didn’t even know what a kendo cane was until Sensei hit me with one the first time I was at Miss T’s but from that point on I was hooked. The Kendo has played a big part in my kinky year, check out my post about Waiting for the Kendo Cane and meeting the super scary Uber Kendo.


Another amazing Anniversary this year was my 16th Wedding Anniversary. I love my husband so very much and we celebrated this anniversary in real kinky style in a sexy medical room!

Dr and Patient

I’ve also had a little play with rope too, a good friend and awesome self tier hlped me discover the fun and freedom of being wrapped in rope.


My kink section wouldn’t be complete without a mention for the amazing North West Pocket Much Kik group. A gathering of kinky, like minded friends who I can chat to at any time I like, they reside in my phone. We’ve also had some amazing real life meet ups too and I know count these people friends. It’s so good to be part of a community where I feel loved and accepted and also understood!

Wow, what a year. Full of fun, adventure and firsts. Here’s to more excitement in 2017. I must thank all who were part of it. My year was made by my interactions with others.

I wish you a very Blisseful New Year!