I do love a good pun, even if it’s a bit corny and obvious. But 2015 is just around the corner and it’s time to reflect back on 2014.

                                                                                     The Brit Babes


2014 was the year of the Brit Babes, we released a FREE Anthology back in February 2014 and word on the grapevine is we’re releasing something new in Feb 2015…oh yeah. I love my Brit Babe ladies…and if you love hot erotica and want to become part of a fun community then you need to check out our Street Team, we’re always looking for new members and we give you our books…for free!


    Smut Events

We expanded our world of Smut in 2014 to include a new Smut in the City Venue. Both Sea and city events were well attended and lots of fun.


In 2015 we’v got Smut Luton booked in for the 7th March


and Smut by the Sea at Scarborough will be on the 23rd May this year so we can enjoy a bank holiday weekend of fun! We are also making plans for Smut Manchester, keep your eyes peeled for a date and venue announcement soon!


                              Mistress Kay Spanking me at Smut by the Sea!

smut sea

                       Me with some of the Smut Manchester crew

photo by Cara Sutra

St Agnes Church

As most folks who visit me regularly will know, I’m a Christian. Last year I left the church I’d been a member of for seven years, skipped to another local one for a while and then I was churchless for a bit. Before I discovered St Agnes North Reddish. I found them via Changing Attitude Anyway, I’ve told you the tale of the 50 shades welcome before but this is just a big ol mention for my new church. My new home, my new family. I love the whole mad bunch of’em.

St Agnes Church Christmas Fair
ETO Awards

This year was my first visit to the ETO awards and it was brilliant fun. I checked out the show, went to the awards ceremony and cheered on the winners like KD Grace – it was a great weekend. I got very little sleep but any time I get to spend in the company of fellow smutty folks is a blessing

Alternative and Burlesque Fair 


Team Smut went to our first Manchester Alternative and Burlesque fair at the end of 2013 but have attended four during 2014 and I think we’re becoming part of the furniture now. We have loads of fun, sell some smutty books and have established the utterly amazing and totally fantastic erotic tombola which is just like those you remember from church and school fairs but with sexy products you actually want to win!  We’ll be at all 3 Manchester fairs next year, the first being on the 14th February, I hope we’ll see you there.

This brings me neatly onto looking forward to 2015 because at the last fair I met Matt S . He had a few goes on the smut tombola and went home with a big haul of sexy goodies. He’s also agreed to write some blog posts for me and the Brit Babes. The first post will be live on the Brit babe blog on Monday 5th January and the follow up will be here on my blog on the 8th January. Be sure to come over and check out Matt’s regular posts.


What else? Well, smut events of course, maybe another trip to the ETO awards (think we could pick one up for Smut? that would be very cool) and to write a book or two. 2014 wasn’t very productive for me as a writer, though Her Secret Past was released in 2014, my best selling novel to date , I didn’t really manage much else apart from a few short stories in anthologies. I’m going write more in 2015.  My health took a dive through most of 2014 but it seems I’ve found the solution. I’ve been gluten free for the last couple of months and I’m feeling so much better for it. I’m going to continue with it in 2015 and I’m looking forward to doing lots of gluten free baking -I like a challenge!

So, see you around in 2015. It’s going to be seriously smutty!