2 Months to go!

Yes folks, today I am excited because in just under 2 months time I get to introduce you all to Johnny the Djinn and his Master Rahul. My story written especially for the launch of Total-E-Bound‘s new Bollywood line is called Silver Screen Dream and is the first in a series of books I’ve called the Djinn’s Amulet.


Here’s the Series Blurb!

Generations of khans have worn a green amulet for luck and good fortune but only the wearers know that it is magic. It houses a djinn tamed generations before who must obey their every command. The Djinn’s name is Johnny, he longs for freedom and his true love and this is reflected in the tales he tells, the stories of his life.

And the book Blurb!

When true love conquers all what is a djinn to do?

Johnny is a djinn and he has a hard life. His master, Rahul is a massive Bollywood star who’s run off to England to avoid an arranged marriage, a marriage Johnny has to make happen, it’s his job.

Rahul further complicates matters by falling for a British Bollywood fan, Laura who he meets at a film premiere. How can Johnny get his master back to Mumbai to marry the woman he is pledged to and away from the English hussy who is steadily taking more and more of his attention? Johnny will use revenge and jealousy but how will he cope when true love is thrown into the mix?

So, any questions?