12th Day Of Blissemas with JD Martins & Saturday Spanking Blissemas Bonus #satspanks



Day 12  of Blissemas brings JD Martins and different ways to love Christmas and a fantastic spot prize from Sheets of San Francisco.  And don’t forget that comments on the Blissemas post itself = entries to win £100 (or equivalent) to spend at Amazon.

Today’s Blissemas Bonus is a Seasonal Saturday Spanking from Tempting Rendezvous.


Curvy single mum Leanna is waiting for a man, not just any man.He has to be handsome, intelligent, funny and dominant. Enter Joe, he’s a masterful business man who brooks no nonsense and who punishes Leanna in just the way she needs, just the way she likes.

He appreciates her curves and uses every excuse to get his hands on them! Passion sparks between the couple, Naughty liaisons and public games all play to their deepest desires but can their love blossom? Will Joe give up his workaholic lifestyle and Can Leanna learn to trust another person with the most important thing in her life-her child?

Tempting Rendezvous400

I try to listen for movement but all I can hear is the thump, thump, thump of my heart as my pulse rises and I start to feel a little sick just in the pit of my stomach. I can’t take this much longer. I jump as something bumps against my bottom. It was such a light touch I can’t really tell what it was. I don’t think it’s made of metal because it didn’t feel cold so it could be something wooden or something plastic.

As I’m distracted by trying to remember the content of my kitchen drawers, Joe lays the first blow to my bottom.

The sound is quite hollow and deep, unlike the clap of flesh against flesh, but the pain is sharp and intense and makes me yelp.

‘This will teach you to not wear a bra, naughty elf. I mean, what would Santa say if he knew?’

‘Oh, please don’t tell Santa, sir.’ I gasp and a split second later my flesh explodes once more with heat as the unseen but definitely wooden object once more impacts against my buttocks.

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