Today I Celebrate my 10 years of being a published author. How amazing is that? I can scarcely believe it. I always had a dream of becoming an author but even as a child I realised that wasn’t very realistic but here I am, 38 years old and I’m a writer, multiple published titles to my name. I am living my dream.

I’ve brought today a hot collection of short stories to celebrate this anniversary…let me introduce it to you!

Victoria Blisse has collected together ten stories of bondage, dominance and pleasurable pain to celebrate ten years as a published author.

This diverse mixture of tiny, teasing tales filled with sexy doms and their dedicated submissives showcases her unique style and her favourite genre: BDSM.

Enjoy a lap dance, a naked suit fitting and a bit of floral bondage. Experience punishments with crops, canes, floggers, hands and even a spatula in locations as diverse as a locker room and at the bottom of the stairs. Discover the fun of ball gags, sherbet lemons, secret collars and tape measures. Be swept away by the lust of these alpha males and their treasured subs.

There is something for all tastes, with kinks in all flavours for you to sample. Feast on this anthology of decadent delights by the one and only Queen of Smut.

This excerpt is from ‘Suits You, Sir.’ and features one of my favourite styles of kisses…a cheeky one!

I stopped at the desk to pick up my measuring tape and continued to the other side of the screen to find a very tall, very handsome and very nearly naked man behind there.

“I thought I’d get started, make things easier for you.”

“Well, yes.” I coughed, trying not to stare, “we normally fit over people’s clothes, but it’s okay, I’m very happy to work with you this way. Erm, are you warm enough?”

He nodded.

“Good, yes, good.” I fiddle with the tape in my hand and tried to compose myself.

Barring boxers the guy was completely exposed, lightly tanned skin on display. I licked my lips. I believe the exposure to so much fantasy fodder had dried up all supplies of saliva. I tried hard to focus.

“Are you alright, ma’am?”

Oh God, he called me ma’am. The quaint gentlemanliness of it all made my insides quiver.

“Yes, fine, sorry, I was just trying to remember what I’d done with my tape…” I looked around me in a complete tizzy of awakened sexual need. All the time mumbling to myself internally:

Focus woman, do not fraternize with near naked, gorgeous customers.

“Excuse me, it’s just there,” he reached forward and tapped the tape that hung from around my neck. I am sure it was sheer coincidence that his touch skimmed the surface of my ample cleavage, revealed by my work blouse.

“Oh yes,” I giggled, “silly me. It’s been a long day.”

I reached behind to grab the book and pencil that hung on the wall. On each page it filled out exactly the measurements I needed to take. I would need the reminder; I couldn’t seem to think straight at all.

“Right, so we’ll get started,” looking down at the book for a while gave me composure. “Top to bottom is probably easiest.”

I looked up and he was stood much closer than I expected and I had to lift my chin to see his face.

“Do me any way you like,” he whispered, “I’m easy.”

“So you keep saying,” I grinned nervously. “It’s a good job really because I’m completely fluffing this up aren’t I?”

“I know a great relaxation technique, want me to try it out on you?”

“Yeah, why not? Surely can’t do any ha—”

I didn’t finish my word as he bent and kissed me. I’m a tall girl and I’m not so used to being so very surrounded by a man. He leaned his hands on my hips as my arms were frozen in mid-panicked wave. They froze there but as the kiss deepened and my shock lessened they lowered like all the tension was flowing from my body. My fingers grasped around the muscle of his bicep when they came to rest and I gripped onto him, sure I would fall if I didn’t.  I was completely dominated by him. The spiced citrus of his aftershave mixed with the potent salty musk of his natural scent was all I could smell, his naked flesh was all I could feel and his kiss was all that consumed me.

His lips danced gently and demanding against my own, I was hypnotised by their smooth undulations. Joe had sneaked his hands beneath my top and lifted it off my hips. His big hands lifted higher to my waist, skimmed over my lace encased breasts and as I lifted my arms to help, he whipped the top from my body. I opened my eyes as our lips parted and he smiled down at me, green eyes sparkling with an intoxicating mix of cockiness and lust.

Tender is available at Amazon now and from the 6th-10th November it is completely FREE to download. A present to you, my awesome readers so you can celebrate my anniversary with me.