I was 19 when I met Kev but I didn’t see him straight away, you see we met in an internet chatroom many moons ago. It was love at first arse pinch and a matter of weeks later we met in the real world and from there on in we made weekly trips to visit each other as we couldn’t bear to be apart any longer than that.

In 2000 we married on the 23rd September. It was a bright but chilly and windy day.

It was a very simple affair, just how we wanted it and the memory of the day will last forever.

So, as you’ve worked out by now, today is my 10th wedding anniversary. In ten years alot as happened. We’ve moved several times, I gave birth to a cute little girl in 2001 and she’s growing up so fast but she’s still wonderfully cute. We’ve shared wonderful holidays and gone through several crises and illnesses and through it all we’ve stuck together.

I count myself extremely blessed to have met such a wonderful and loving man, my life is better for having him in it. And you should all thank him because without him I’d not be an author now. He’s the guy who inspires me, who fills my heart with romance and he also helps me edit and comes up with all my best titles.

So thank you, dearest husband for the past 10 happy years and here’s to many, many more!!!