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I’ve always written, always created, always day dreamed. I’ve always enjoyed capturing my imaginings on paper. In 2006 I had my first story published in eBook and 10 years later I’m still writing and being published. It’s been an amazing journey and today I want to share some of it with you via various photos of events I’ve been too and organised over the years.

Writing is essentially a solitary career. We spend hours sat in front of a screen captured in a world of imagination that no one else can penetrate. What I have found though is that it’s essential to break out of that sometimes and go places and do things with fellow writers and creative people. Long before we became the Brit Babes I made friends with the amazing ladies who’ve been my close companions along the way. From the first reading at Sh for Uniform Behaviour to Smut Manchester 2016 the members of the Brit Babes have been a very essential part of my life.

And now we have the support of our amazing street team too. I know I would have given up on many an occasion if it wasn’t for these amazing people.  From my writing life a whole new company has evolved. Smut.UK has been going for 5 years now and the events we organise always recharge my creative batteries.


And as these things do, Smut has grown from self contained events to being part of other events too. It’s amazing what we’re involved with now. There’s smut tombola or mucky dip happening at least once a month now. From 1 event in a year to being part of 1 or more a month is an amazing progression.

This Decenber we’ll have been part of the Alternative and Burlesque Fair  for three years. We found out about it quite by accident and managed to get in at a time when demand was high. We’ve grown our stand and our products from just a few books to books, tombola, mucky dip and event tickets. The A&B fair is a real highlight in our Smut Year. And if it wasn ‘t for this fair, we’d have never met Matt, who is now undoubtedly an integral part of team smut. 2 years ago he won half the stall for just a fiver’s investment…and now he’s part of the team. Yay.

It’s funny how it happens. How many people I now know and love who 10 years ago I’d have never dreamt of being friends with.  Jay and Bea for example, 2 of the coolest people I know who now enhance so many of our events with their amazing performances as Dr Sketchy or Professor Scribblicious 


I’ve had 2 nominations for Erotic Author of the year this year, with ETO and Sexhibition and that astounds and amazes me. I’m grateful for those who nominated me. Sexhibition is a big part of the Smut.UK calendar now and I love how people know us and seek us out. I love that we’re beinging smutty people together and building pride in our community.

I’ve always been shy and quiet, a bit of an awkward recluse but now, after 10 years as a published author and 5 years as a smutty event organiser I have an amazing social life, a new self confidence and a world of friends.


I am even now a Reverend and although I’ve always been spiritual, I’ve never really imagined myself being a minister but through my writing, via smut I have become a minister to the smutty, the kinky and the sidelined from society. I preach love for all, I offer peace when all some people have ever received is guilt and shame. I’m immensely proud to be part of Refreshing Ministry and I never would have been, if I didn’t write erotica.


Of course, none of this at all would have come to be without the endless support and encouragement from my husband. I can’t thank Kev enough for all he has done and does for me. We are the ultimate team. I love him to bits.

10 years have passed, full of amazing events and wonderful friends, I am looking to a future filled with even more!

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