“I want to Eat You all Up.” Point Vamp Sunday Snog

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Today’s snog is from  The Point of Evil and has a distinctly foody flavour!

Blood and sex were all he ever wanted until love gave him something worth living an eternity for.

Steve—who had been a womanizer in life and was even more so in death—prowls the Point using his vampiric wiles to get the blood and sex he craves. He’s always looking for his next meal and when he sees a tall, curvy beauty with a red scarf around her neck, he thinks he’s found it.

Eloise is different—she’s shy and needs encouragement, and Steve just can’t get her out of his mind. He has to take his time, get to know her and slowly seduce her. When she disappears, leaving only a note begging him not to pursue her further, he can’t help himself and ends up in the service of George Aquino, a vampire crime boss with a penchant for twisted and cruel torture and a dungeon full of prisoners.

A daring rescue, a difficult choice and love against the odds. Do you dare visit the point of evil?

Reader Advisory: This book contains violence and references to rape and sexual assault.

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Steve is being gentle and moving slowly as Eloise is so nervous, it’s new territory for him!

She was soft and giving, her skin so silky and smooth. She wanted me to touch her, so I did. I stroked my fingers gently over her arms and fluttered kisses across her cheeks. She giggled when I blew on her ear and moaned when I sucked the lobe into my mouth and nibbled gently with my fangs.

“You taste like vanilla ice cream,” I whispered. “I want to eat you all up.”

Her grip tightened on my waist and I continued to caress her with my lips. At heart, I was an impatient man. I didn’t usually fuck about too much with foreplay. Just enough to get the girl in the zone and then I was in there getting my goodies. I didn’t want to rush this, though. I wanted to taste every inch of her, and that meant I enjoyed kissing down her arm and caressing each finger with my hand and my lips. I needed to know her intimately, which was weird as intimacy tended to freak me the hell out—hence why my longest running live-in girlfriend had left me not long after I became a vamp. She dug the fangs but couldn’t take the rest of my crap.

Eloise pulled back as my lips neared the lower edge of her red silk scarf.

“Don’t take off my scarf,” she gasped.

“Fine,” I murmured gently. “I’ll just work on taking off other items of clothing.”

I swept my hands down her back and discovered the zip concealed there as I nibbled on her collarbone. Eloise had her arms around me, stroking my back and sides. I wondered if it was to comfort me or herself. She stiffened as I dropped the zip and I paused, again waiting for the safeword, but she didn’t use it. We exhaled deeply at the same time—clearly she was as nervous as me in all this. I’d not been so shaky when I lost my virginity, although that lady had been twice my age and hadn’t given me opportunity to be shaky.

I smoothed the dress down her arms and revealed an abundance of cappuccino-coloured flesh that had me drooling to taste more. I moved slowly to kiss down over her breast bone to the edge of her plain white bra. I fiddled with the catch at the middle of her back and rested in the centre of her cleavage. I wanted to reveal more but I could have stayed there for hours. I was in heaven or at least at the pearly gates, admiring the beauty and anticipating what lay behind.

The Point of Evil is book 4 in the Point Vamp series but can be read out of order…I’d recommend you start at the beginning though! I would, I’m the author. ;)

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