1st Aug, 2016

Getting Fruity at Professor Scribblicious #creativewriting #performance


What the dickens is Professor Scribblicious you cry! Well, it’s a great combination of amazing entertainment and writing. It can be a very so very isolating, sitting at home and scribbling down your pearls of wisdom. Professor Scribblicious gets you out of the house and inspires you.…

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7th Oct, 2011

Friends Friday -Jaime Samms!

Please welcome Jaime Samms, our Friends Friday blogger for today! I’m looking forward to your post, Jaime!

I was sitting tonight, my computer humming, the evening darkening outside my picture window, dinner settling in my belly, trying to decide if I should write or paint my nails and contemplate what to put in this blog post.…

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12th Aug, 2011

Friends Friday – Sara York!

I want to thank Victoria for having me on her blog today. She’s such a sweetie for allowing me a spot.

I love writing and one of the reasons I love writing is because there are so many totally awesome people who I’ve met because I’m an author.…

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