6th Aug, 2017

Three Sadists with Whips and Me #WickedWednesday


I ended up the target of three whips on Friday.


It wasn’t on purpose, I had no idea it was coming, but once the whipping started I wasn’t going to call for it to stop.

How did it begin? Well, I’m not really sure.…

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15th Mar, 2017

Pain Slut – Me? #wickedwednesday #BDSM #Whips


Warning: The following is a real life recollection of a BDSM experience so if you don’t want to know back away now. If you’re curious and kinky, read on friends, read on!

I was squeamish back then, worried and unsure. I wanted to try but I wasn’t sure how much I could take.…

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1st Jan, 2017

Sexy Just Got Kinky Sunday Snog – Good Choice, Sir! @8britbabes #Fetish #Erotica


Happy New Year! Welcome it in with a sexy snog or more. My first kiss of the New Year comes from the latest Brit Babes Anthology!


Welcome to Sexy Just Got Kinky, the third instalment of the Brit Babes’ Sexy Just series. Tantalise your dark side with kinks to make you think.…
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20th Oct, 2016

Smut Manchester 2016 BDSM Dungeon Special: Whips,Lycra, Paddles and…Pears? @AmazingO #talksmut #fetish #authors


Again sponsored by AmazingO.co.uk Smut Manchester moved venue this year to a BDSM dungeon. You know, like you do. Miss T’s in Stockport has become something of a second home for the Blisses in the last few months and it was a real pleasure to host our own event there.…

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7th Jul, 2016

Saturday with a Lash – Genesis of a Dom #playevent #fetish #whip @Smut.UK


Its your friendly blogger Dom here once again to give you some insight, some of the erotic and of course a perspective on the fetish world and my life as a whole.

Now recently, as people may recall, I started a small under 30’s event called BYT (Bright Young Things).…

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