28th Mar, 2012

Wednesday Briefs – Love is in the air.

It’s Wednesday and it’s time to look at sexy men in nowt but their underwear again. Oh yeah baby. It’s time for Wednesday Briefs!


Today’s prompt is “Love is in the air.” let’s see what that led to!


Love is in the Air.

Love is in the air.…

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27th Mar, 2012

Lily Sawyer’s Pool Party!

Today Lily Sawyer is here with her Bigger Briefs, oooh er! Let’s find out more!


Pool Party

Harry Previn is one lucky guy, it’s not everyone who can say they love their job and look forward to work every day. But then not everyone has a job like maintaining the pools of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills California.…

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26th Mar, 2012

New releases and Coming soon news!

So, I’m a kind of editor type person now. No, really. I know it’s a shock but it’s sort of true. I’ve been given the great pleasure of bringing together all the Wednesday briefers bigger briefs. That makes it sound like I’m doing their laundry but no, I’ve brought together 14 really hot stories in two anthologies that other highly talented people have actually edited to make Wicked Watchers: Looking at the Lads (7 M/M voyeur tales) and Wicked Watchers: The pursuit of Pleasure (7 M/F stories of watchers and those being watched).…

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22nd Mar, 2012

Look at my Bigger Briefs!

Nope, I’m not showing off my new sexy knickers, I’m sure that’s a relief to you all. No I’m going to reveal something far more exciting than that. Two anthologies filled with fantastic stories of voyeurism from some absolutely smokingly good authors. Let’s start with


Wicked Watchers:The Pursuit of Pleasure

A Multi-author M/M anthology from the writers of Wednesday Briefs, who bring you prompt induced Flash fiction every Wednesday.…

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1st Feb, 2012

Dance Echo Flash Fiction.


It’s time for another piece of Flash Fiction. I do so love that I get to combine the wonderful Wednesday Briefs and Wank Wednesday prompts to get my stories. Today’s Brief was to include dance in my story and the Wank directive was the world Echo.…

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