16th Mar, 2017

Fight or Flight- Genesis of A Dom #BDSM

Today V.Bruce shares an erotic fantasy with us. Hold on tight, it’s going to get sexy!


They had spoken online for a good few months, the back and forth had been flirtatious at times and very charged at others. Finally she would see him it seemed a long wait since Sexhibition.…

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2nd Mar, 2017

Genesis of a Dom – To Swing or Not to Swing. #BDSM #Kink

Swingers and kinksters, both viewed as abnormal by the Vanilla world, both attend some of the same venues and both often assumed to be one and the same.

Recently at play club, my submissive and I were playing with a Domme and glanced over to see an audience had gathered at the window.…

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5th Jan, 2017

New Year New Reasons – The Diary of V Bruce @TalkSmut #genesisofadom #kinky #events


Happy New Year to you all it’s so good to type that lets face it we all love what a new year brings. Resolutions that many can’t keep, fresh starts etc but for us kinky types it means new events and new adventures to be had.…

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8th Dec, 2016

Blissemas Day 8- Merry Kinkmas from V Bruce! @Talksmut #blissemas16 #amazingo


Christmas that wonderful festive time of the year have you been naughty or nice I wonder?

Well no guesses as to what I have been but then again you have read my blog so you knew that already. Last year you had a glimpse of what a kinky Xmas with my ex sub Red entailed.…

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24th Nov, 2016

Genesis Chapter Kink-The Diary of V Bruce @talksmut #BDSM #kink #fetish


I recently had the joy of meeting a new joiner to the fetish world and it made me realise how amazing and overwhelming it is. The world of BDSM is so big and varied it can be daunting, luckily the new joiner had myself and my sub to help welcome this person.…

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