12th Dec, 2015

12th Day Of Blissemas with JD Martins & Saturday Spanking Blissemas Bonus #satspanks



Day 12  of Blissemas brings JD Martins and different ways to love Christmas and a fantastic spot prize from Sheets of San Francisco.  And don’t forget that comments on the Blissemas post itself = entries to win £100 (or equivalent) to spend at Amazon.

Today’s Blissemas Bonus is a Seasonal Saturday Spanking from Tempting Rendezvous.

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10th Dec, 2015

Blissemas Day 10 and Festive Fantasies with Kay Jaybee #Blissemas #ChristmasKink @kay_jaybee


Today Kay Jaybee brings a dose of seasonal smut with lashings of Christmas kink to Blissemas . Kay is a good friend and one of the Brit Babes and we’re giving away a paperback copy of Sexy Just Got Rich, so check out the rafflecopter contest today.…

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4th Jul, 2013

4th July Sexy Discounts for today only!

Hi all, today I’m just slipping in a few discounts for you, so you can enjoy some fourth of July sexy shopping!


25% off? Fabulous. Here’s some American influenced stories for you to give a go!


Bollywood Nightmare sees Bollywood’s curviest and sexiest actress heading to Hollywood to film but things don’t quite go to plan when Johnny the Djinn gets involved.…

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24th Jan, 2012

Blisse Blokes – Joe from Rendezvous

blisseboysWelcome to another introduction to the blokes of Blisse. Today I’m imtroducing Joe from the Rendezvous trilogy. I love Joe and I know you will too. He’s American, has a wickedly delicious southern accent and he’s tall, dark and powerful. He’s got a workaholic streak that can be his downfall at times but he is as sexy a man as you’d ever like to imagine.…

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31st Dec, 2011

Another New Year.

So what are your plans for tonight? My plan is the same plan I’ve had for the last 14 years or so. I’m going to spend time snuggled up with my husband, watching telly and just waiting for midnight. When we’ve kissed and the fireworks have finished I’ll go to bed.…

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