18th Oct, 2014

Sunday Snog – Fulfill me #femdom #BDSM

Hello to another Sunday snog, today I fancy a bit of sexy domination so I’ve picked an excerpt from Fulfill Me a novel filled with domination of all types and flavours!

Caitlyn is out to get what she wants and she desperately wants Nick Casey, Star of Dobsons Digs the... Continue Reading →
11th Oct, 2014

150th Sunday Snog – Free Read #erotica


What a week, I turned 36 on Friday and today is the 150th Sunday Snog! Now if that’s not a good reason to celebrate I don’t know what is.


Way back when I started out the Sunday Snog I had no idea if it’d catch on. I’m quite pleased to ...

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5th Oct, 2014

Sunday Snog -Reluctant Muse #BDSM #Spank

Today’s snog is from Reluctant Muse which is available as a short story on it’s own or as part of the Victoria Blisse Collection.


I’ve been a little cavalier with the term ‘snog’ today. Lips are involved at one point but there’s not actually kissing involved but an implement ...

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27th Sep, 2014

Sunday Snog – Temporary Insanity

You might not believe it, but today’s choice of snog was inspired from my watching Strictly Come Dancing! One of the dancers reminds me of Connor in this book. Now that’s a good enough excuse to revisit these two hotties, right? And the snog ahead is SCORCHING hot. Phew.

Temporary ...

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20th Sep, 2014

Sunday Snog – Spiced Vanilla.

At time of posting we’ve raised £849.25 with A Snog for Sommer. I will be sending the funds to Sommer later today and will update this post with the precise amount raised. It’s been amazing. Thanks all for donating, snogging and sharing Smut for Good

Today’s snog is from ...

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