24th Jun, 2017

What are Pervertables? #SmutSunday @TalkSmut


Pervertable. That’s a weird word. Firstly, how is it pronounced? It’s Pervert-able. Not Perver- table. Although a table can be a pervertable. Confused yet? Okay, so here’s a definition from Kinkly.com “Pervertables are common household objects which can be used as sex toys.” ┬áSo you can seen where the name comes from.…

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9th Jan, 2017

Fireworks of a Different Kind – Pleasure in Pain @TalkSmut #BDSM #Kink


I saw in the New Year with wonderful friends and my gorgeous husband at Miss T’s. Here’s my recollection of events!


WARNING: The following is a real life account of my Experiences in a BDSM Dungeon with graphic descriptions and slightly less graphic photographic evidence.…
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27th Oct, 2016

First Time Tied at Miss T’s – Pleasure in Pain @talksmut #rope #BDSM #hogtie


After all the fun of Smut Manchester sponsored by Amazing O.co.uk we had BYT the very next day back at Miss T’s place. As I’d prepared the tombola in advance (here’s one I made earlier, darling!) and I had the change all sorted from the awesome tombola the day before, ┬áprep for the afternoon was very light indeed.…

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29th Sep, 2016

Genesis of a Dom – Setting the Scene #fetish #dungeon #BDSM @TalkSmut



Setting is important in all things but a little more so in the fetish world. Now my regular play partner, a lovely young lady recently reminded me of the relevance of setting when it comes to where we play.

For instance the kind of play she desires in my bedroom is very different to the play she desires at Miss Ts in Stockport .…

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10th Mar, 2016

Genesis of a Dominant Man: A Tease At Miss Ts #BDSM #Fetish



I have been rather busy of late hence my absence when it came to posting on here. Though I can say that the Dom is back and in fighting spirit. I’ve been attending quite a few events, you see, at various lovely places. Of course to begin with there was MARS in Mossley, but recently I discovered another gem and I’m enjoying it Miss T’s in Stockport.…

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