15th Apr, 2017

Outside Spanking #SmutSunday


A little fun, spanking in the sun for Smut Sunday…

He paid her to paint his portrait but he really wanted to steal her heart.

Hermione is an independent, single mother who has caught the eye of Philip Haughtington, society high-flyer and well known heart breaker.…

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31st Oct, 2015

Saturday Spankings with Extra Chocolate! Trick or Treat!

Saturday Spankings
Saturday Spankings time is here again and I’m bringing lots of lovely chocolate to the table this week with a snippet from my story Spiced Vanilla . I’ve not got any scary spankings for Halloween so I thought I’d exploit the sweet side of things.  I am wonderfully sweet you know!…

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15th Oct, 2015

Behind the scenes of a Smut Shoot – Spades, Smiles and Stickers! @Talksmut


Photo by DN Photography Manchester

Well, it was a typical Sunday really, as you can see from the above picture. Well  no, tell a lie, the sun was shining, that’s pretty rare in the North of England. I headed out to Woodroyd Studios in the amazingly named Cleckheaton, how much more Yorkshire could a name get?…

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7th Aug, 2015

Saturday Spankings – Wallflower #satspanks

Saturday Spankings


So, I’m joining in with  Saturday Spankings  again today, yay! Wallflower is only a short story in   in the Brit Babes‘ latest anthology Sexy Just Got Rich but it’s chock full sexy, spanky goodness.


Brit Babes Do Billionaires

Billionaires have it all but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to work hard to get what their hearts desire.…

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25th Oct, 2013

Saturday Spanking :Sharing Nicely to Win!

Saturday Spankings

So it’s Saturday Spankings time and my novel Sharing Nicely features a few sexy spanking scenes and as there’s no line limit this week I thought I’d treat you to one of those scenes.


Comment on my blog to day to be in to win a whole bunch of exciting prizes in the spank or treat hop!…

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