17th Dec, 2017

Nice and Naughty Flash Fiction for Snogs in the Snow #Blissemas17

It’s the last day of Blissemas 2017. Awwwww. So it’s time for some festive snogging. Yay!

I’m bringing you a Christmas kiss in Flash fiction form. I’ve written this using my well loved Characters Leanna and Joe from Nice and Naughty. It’s just a little look at their Christmas after the end of the book.…

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6th Dec, 2015

Snogs in the Snow Blissemas Special Free Read #flash fiction #erotica


It’s Sunday so it’s snog time but as it’s Blissemas it’s a special kind of kiss. In fact so very special, I’ve written a short piece of flash fiction especially!


The Length of a Kiss.

“Hey, look, we’re under the mistletoe.” I hoped my tone was casual, like I’d not planned getting Marcus in this position all the work week long.…

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21st Dec, 2014

Blissemas day 21 Snogs in the Snow Grand Finale!


To end the Blissemas season (it always flies past so fast!) we’ve got a special Blissekiss event called Snogs in the Snow. So I had to pick an excerpt from Snowed in at School really, what else could I do?

But before I go on to that don’t forget to go back and comment on all the Blissemas posts as we’ll soon be drawing the winner of the Blissemas Paperwhite stuffed with smut!

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