19th Oct, 2017

You can leave your hat on #Smutober


You lose a lot of heat through your head – this is why I have a wooly hat attached to my noggin all winter long! Question is though, does it work if it’s all I’m wearing?


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29th Jul, 2017

Blisse Gets Glam @andrewwoodphoto #SinfulSunday


This is the Victoria Blisse you all know and love. I occasionally slick on a lil’ lipstick and mascara but most of the time I’m just nude…in make up terms, you pervs!  So when I found out I’d won a Burlesque Photo experience with Andrew Wood Photography I was thoroughly excited about getting all glammed up.…

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10th Apr, 2017

Do Not Come – Flash Fiction for #MasturbationMonday

Today’s Masturbation Monday post is all about another person being in control of pleasure, not self pleasure at all. I do hope it inspires a bit of self-love though!

My arse is on fire, I’m restrained, thrashing but unable to escape. I ‘m pushed to my limit and so completely turned on.…
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15th Oct, 2015

Behind the scenes of a Smut Shoot – Spades, Smiles and Stickers! @Talksmut


Photo by DN Photography Manchester

Well, it was a typical Sunday really, as you can see from the above picture. Well  no, tell a lie, the sun was shining, that’s pretty rare in the North of England. I headed out to Woodroyd Studios in the amazingly named Cleckheaton, how much more Yorkshire could a name get?…

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25th Nov, 2013

The Big Blissemas Launch!


Hello and welcome to the very first day of Blissemas 2013! I’m Santa Blisse and so I get to kick off proceedings with a bit of festive cheer.

Now I know it’s early, I really do. It’s not even December yet but we’ve shifted the season of Blissemas to get it all wrapped up a week before Christmas ‘cos we all get so busy at that time of the year.…

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