12th Oct, 2017

Fantasy,Masturbation and the Church #Smutober


Fantasy. I suppose that’s what I write. Fantasies, escaping into a world of lust and wonder. We all have them. Ones that maybe our lovers know, others that are private and kept to ourselves. Some that may well be a dream come true. I’m happy to say that I have a few of them.…

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10th Jul, 2017

Painful Desire #MasturbationMonday

Painful Desire.

I have a craving, a desire deep and hard in the centre of my liquid soul.

A want, a need, a craving.

It curls and coils,

grows and stretches,

winds and pulls and leaves me breathless with want.

Consuming my mind with imaginings mixed with memories.…

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11th May, 2016

Sex, Lies and Sinful Wives Gues post from C.A. Bell #erotica @cbellAtrix09

Sex, Lies Newcover

Hey, and thanks for letting me stop by.

So, Iā€™m here today to tell you a little bit about my collection of naughty stories. Sex, Lies, and Sinful Wives is a collection of five VERY naughty stories, ranging from men of the cloth, to Bonnie and Clyde wannabes.…

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13th Jul, 2012

Off the Shelf Free & Review.

Off the Shelf ā€“ An Erotic Romance Novella ā€“ is FREE on Amazon!


Yes, you heard right! Lucy Felthouse’s erotic romance novella, Off the Shelf, is FREE on Amazon for a limited time.
From 11th ā€“ 15th July ONLY, you will be able to download this hot erotic romance to your Kindle without spending a penny.…

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13th May, 2011

Friends Friday – K D Grace

While I’m sunning myself in *hopefully* Sunny Lincoln at the Lincoln Book Festival. I have a very special Friends Friday for you all to enjoy.

Reading Like a Writer by K D Grace

When I read as a writer, what I read — no matter what it is — but especially if it’s fiction, becomes a whole different animal.…

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