9th Oct, 2017

His Tie #Smutober


A poetic offering for Smutober today, I don’t write poetry often enough but I enjoy it when I do.

It started with his tie,

Looped simply round wrists pullllllllllllllled


And fed round the fret of the bed.

Immobilised I was free,

Orgasms rolled through

 the pleasure of being taken

 and used.…

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10th Sep, 2015

Genesis of A Dominant Man – A Flash of Red #GenesisofaDom #BDSM



Well I had my birthday a week ago, turning 26 made me take stock for a minute and I realised a few things.

One: I’ve had quite a remarkable life and if you’ve been reading my diary entries a very horny, kinky one.
Two: Things over the past year have gone from slow to ‘Good lord I barely have time to breathe’ very quickly.…

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