16th Aug, 2017

Inspiration,Friendship and Laughter – Smut Leeds 2017 @talksmut


In some ways the events are the end of our process here at Smut.UK, so when we rocked up to Smut Leeds Saturday morning I was feeling pretty relaxed. After weeks of preparation there was just the set up at Live Art Bistro itself  to do then all that was left was to go with the flow.…

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11th Oct, 2016

Smut Manchester – Last few Tickets available for BDSM Special! @AmazingO #BDSM #EroticAuthors


Smut Manchester is coming round quickly! Organised by Smut.UK and sponsored by AmazingO.co.uk this entertaining all-day event will be taking place at Miss T’s on the 15th Oct 2016 (Saturday!)from 2pm to 10pm. Pick up your tickets now  as we’ve got a very limited number of tickets left.…

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19th Aug, 2016

Join us at The Erotic Event of The Year #authors #readers @SexhibitionUK


Team Smut are going to be at Sexhibition all weekend from 4pm tonight right through until 7pm on Sunday. Are you going to be there?

Smut UK are running the Reading Corner and there will be exciting opportunities, to write, draw, listen to authors and buy books, books, lovely books.  …

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21st Apr, 2016

Smut by the Sea Super Sexy Reading Slams #Erotica #Event #Readers @talksmut



Smut by the Sea is just 5 weeks away…and I can’t wait. This is our 4th visit to Scarborough library and we’ve got lots of amazing  workshops, performances and readings lined up.  Today I’m introducing you to our readers. They’ll each have 5 minutes to read a snippet of their sexy smut but only 5 minutes, if they go over time our official spanker will go in to chastise them with the paddle of persecution.…

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29th Aug, 2013

Better late than never, Sh Reading Slam News!

I’m Bringing up the rear as usual but I did want to share a little bit from Friday’s Reading slam at Sh! Womenstore because it was just so much fun.

I think it speaks volumes that the only photo I got from the event was this one:


A naughty audience member getting a spanking from Kay Jaybee, Time Keeper and bottom warmer extraordinaire being supervised by the lovely Renee.…

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