3rd Dec, 2017

Cheese board or Paddle? #SinfulSunday


Welcome to another thrilling edition of cheese board or paddle…so folks, what do you think?


For more Sinful Sunday click the lips!

Sinful Sunday
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9th Jan, 2017

Fireworks of a Different Kind – Pleasure in Pain @TalkSmut #BDSM #Kink


I saw in the New Year with wonderful friends and my gorgeous husband at Miss T’s. Here’s my recollection of events!


WARNING: The following is a real life account of my Experiences in a BDSM Dungeon with graphic descriptions and slightly less graphic photographic evidence.…
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20th Oct, 2016

Smut Manchester 2016 BDSM Dungeon Special: Whips,Lycra, Paddles and…Pears? @AmazingO #talksmut #fetish #authors


Again sponsored by AmazingO.co.uk Smut Manchester moved venue this year to a BDSM dungeon. You know, like you do. Miss T’s in Stockport has become something of a second home for the Blisses in the last few months and it was a real pleasure to host our own event there.…

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14th Jan, 2016

Is there Spanking on MARS? By V Bruce #BDSM #Kink


It’s always a lovely time when I open my inbox and there’s a message from Taiah. This lovely lady is a submissive who keeps the brain ticking with ideas, an intellectual woman who has travelled and seen a great deal in her young life.

This message was about an event taking place in Mossley on the 13th January at a location known as MARS.

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28th Jul, 2012

New BDSM Release – Fulfill me!

I am really excited to announce this new release! As it is my very first novel! Now yes, Tempting Rendezvous is a novel but I wrote it as three novellas that combine together to make a novel. Fulfill Me is my very first Novel written and intended that way!…

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