9th Jan, 2017

Fireworks of a Different Kind – Pleasure in Pain @TalkSmut #BDSM #Kink


I saw in the New Year with wonderful friends and my gorgeous husband at Miss T’s. Here’s my recollection of events!


WARNING: The following is a real life account of my Experiences in a BDSM Dungeon with graphic descriptions and slightly less graphic photographic evidence.…
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9th Nov, 2016

10 years a Published author in Pictures @TalkSmut #erotica #author

First reading at Sh! Leeds Erotic Festival 2008 Reading at Sh Christmas. Tempting Rendevous Launch at Sh!

I’ve always written, always created, always day dreamed. I’ve always enjoyed capturing my imaginings on paper. In 2006 I had my first story published in eBook and 10 years later I’m still writing and being published.…

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21st May, 2016

A Married Blisse Sunday Snog #sexyhusband #bloghop #erotica @TalkSmut


“I need to snog!” I exclaimed whilst watching the FA Cup final.

“Okay then, love.” My husband replied and blew me several kisses.

I love that man. And so today’s Sunday Snog is a bit of a cheat, in that it’s not an excerpt from a book at all it’s an excerpt from my life, the chapter entitled ‘the love of my life.’

Kev and I met on the internet, back in the 90’s when that was all kinds of weird.…

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4th May, 2016

Tied up at MARS Kinky Carboot! #BDSM #Rope #erotictombola @TalkSmut


On Saturday Team Smut  (Kev Blisse, Matt S and myself) headed to MARS (Manchester Alternative RoomS) for their kinky Carboot. Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Even better if it’s a kinky one. We turned up with an Erotic Tombola and a load of books, smut and various other random items to sell.…

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31st Dec, 2015

Old Year Musings, New Year Wishes.


Some parts of 2015 were bloody awful, I’m not going to focus on those. Instead I’m goings to focus on the events, the people, the inspirations that got me through the bad times and made 2015 the year of Being Brave.

Smut is a huge part of my life.…

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