16th Aug, 2017

Inspiration,Friendship and Laughter – Smut Leeds 2017 @talksmut


In some ways the events are the end of our process here at Smut.UK, so when we rocked up to Smut Leeds Saturday morning I was feeling pretty relaxed. After weeks of preparation there was just the set up at Live Art Bistro itself  to do then all that was left was to go with the flow.…

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13th May, 2017

Smut Leeds 2017 Early Bird Tickets Available Now #SmutSunday @TalkSmut

What better to post about on Smut Sunday than the newest, biggest Smut event of 2017. We’ve announced that Smut Leeds will be happening on the 12th August at the Live Art Bistro and Early bird tickets are available now at £15 or £25 for an author ticket but these prices only run ’til the end of June so don’t hang about!…

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17th May, 2016

Smut by the Sea 2016 Sponsored by Godemiche – Have you got your Tickets? @GSilicone



Smut by the Sea 2016 is on the 28th of May this year which means it is just 11 days away (wait, what? when did that happen? Less than 2 weeks away? Eeek) Have you got your tickets yet?

No? Well what are you waiting for?…

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3rd Mar, 2016

Smut by the Sea Scarborough 2016 Workshops, Fantasy, Sci Fi and Bondage! #erotica #event @talksmut


This year is flying by isn’t it? I can’t believe we’re in March already! So it’s really not long until Smut will be invading Scarborough Library again for a day of fun smutty antics. I’m really proud to be able to announce this year’s exciting workshops…you’ll not want to miss them!…

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3rd Jun, 2015

Brace Yourself, Love, I’m gonna take a run up. Smut by the Sea 2015 Round Up @talksmut


Photo by Bea Noir

The Bank Holiday weekend was extra exciting this year as it played host to Smut by the Sea 2015 This year sponsored by Sexhibition. It was the third event held at Scarborough Library, who have been perfect hosts right from our first ever Smut event.…

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