11th Apr, 2017

It was a Dark and Stormy Night #WickedWednesday


It was a dark and stormy night…

No really, it was blowing a gale outside the tent, the rain was slamming down like it had a grudge against the earth and as Mike pulled his head back in from braving the elements he told me he wouldn’t be surprised if we got a little thunder and lightning.…

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10th Apr, 2017

Do Not Come – Flash Fiction for #MasturbationMonday

Today’s Masturbation Monday post is all about another person being in control of pleasure, not self pleasure at all. I do hope it inspires a bit of self-love though!

My arse is on fire, I’m restrained, thrashing but unable to escape. I ‘m pushed to my limit and so completely turned on.…
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2nd Apr, 2017

After the Wax Play #MasturbationMonday #BDSM


After having great fun at Smut Wax Play on Saturday  I had to write something wax inspired for today’s Masturbation Monday. So enjoy the following exclusive and brand new piece of Blisse flash fiction filled with edge play.

Each drop was a mystery, hot or warm, stinging or soothing, she didn’t know until it hit her skin.…

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27th Mar, 2017

Caught! #MasturbationMonday

A little flash fiction today written especially for Masturbation Monday. Enjoy!



He’s asleep on the sofa, I’m horny. So what am I going to do?  Take matters into my own hands of course.

Reclining on the bed, leggings and knickers around my knees, I plug my earphones into my phone and look up some favourite porn clips.…

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13th Dec, 2016

Blissemas Day 13 – Fancy a Sleigh Ride? @talksmut #blissemas16 #amazingo


Day 13 of Blissemas is here! Wow, the blissemas season is speeding by.  Talking of which, have you check out our sponsor AmazingO? They’re ready for all your adult, kinky present needs and you get next day delivery as standard. Nice! Now of course don’t forget to visit blissemas.co.uk and check out today’s Blissemas Elf, Tanith Davenport and leave a seasonal and smiley comment on Tanith’s post to be in to win the Kindle Voyage stuffed with smut.…

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