6th Aug, 2017

Electric Flogging and the Masochist #MasturbationMonday #BDSM


It wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced Tenseld’s electric flogger, a few months ago I had my first taste, with Miss TillySue doing the flogging. I loved it then but I really struggled to describe the feeling during or afterwards and the writer in me was not happy with that at all.…

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15th Jul, 2017

The Spanking Bench and Me @fetishdotcom #smutsunday #BDSM

It’s strange where life takes you. Around 14 months ago I’d never seen a spanking bench but now, I spend a good deal of time hanging out on one or another. My favourite one is at Miss T’s in Stockport, it’s a good height, it’s soft and there’s a mirror propped right in front of it so I can watch what’s going on behind me…mind you, sometimes I choose to close my eyes!…

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20th Oct, 2016

Smut Manchester 2016 BDSM Dungeon Special: Whips,Lycra, Paddles and…Pears? @AmazingO #talksmut #fetish #authors


Again sponsored by AmazingO.co.uk Smut Manchester moved venue this year to a BDSM dungeon. You know, like you do. Miss T’s in Stockport has become something of a second home for the Blisses in the last few months and it was a real pleasure to host our own event there.…

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5th Mar, 2015

Genesis of a Dominant Man – Non-Disclosure



I’m sure you’re all as thrilled as me to know that V is Back, yay!  I think that’s all the introduction he needs, lets face it, none of you want to be reading my words right now. Okay V, it’s over to you:




All the below acts are completely consensual.…
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18th Feb, 2015

The Education of Ms Blisse -My first trip to a Fetish night @ClubLash



The life of an erotica writer is generally not as glamorous as people think. Mostly I’m sat in my chair, tip tapping at the keys and writing. Research these days tends to involve a quick google search, possibly a trip to the library but generally that’s as exciting as it gets.…

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