27th Mar, 2017

Caught! #MasturbationMonday

A little flash fiction today written especially for Masturbation Monday. Enjoy!



He’s asleep on the sofa, I’m horny. So what am I going to do?  Take matters into my own hands of course.

Reclining on the bed, leggings and knickers around my knees, I plug my earphones into my phone and look up some favourite porn clips.…

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6th Apr, 2016

Purple Prose Flash Challenge: Meat and Two Veg #sbts2016 #freeread #erotica @talksmut



Are you coming to Smut by the Sea sponsored by Godemiche on the 28th May? It’s going to be awesome you know and squeezed in between amazing workshops and stunning performances we’re going to have a game of “Bing -Oh -Behave!” to celebrate this quiz filled with euphemisms Smut.UK are holding a Purple Prose Flash Challenge to win a grand prize of  2 Promo or author tickets to Smut by the Sea or 1 trader ticket…the choice is yours.…

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21st Mar, 2016

Erotica Author Victoria Blisse Writes Outside her Comfort Zone. No Words Left. Free Read #flashfiction

I have been attending a creative writing group with my friend Jay (yes,the networker Jay who leads me astray!) . We’ve been to 3 different sessions and it’s been fun. Now, last week I found out there’s a No sex rule…after I wrote a smutty short story to read out.…

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6th Dec, 2015

Snogs in the Snow Blissemas Special Free Read #flash fiction #erotica


It’s Sunday so it’s snog time but as it’s Blissemas it’s a special kind of kiss. In fact so very special, I’ve written a short piece of flash fiction especially!


The Length of a Kiss.

“Hey, look, we’re under the mistletoe.” I hoped my tone was casual, like I’d not planned getting Marcus in this position all the work week long.…

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19th Nov, 2015

Genesis of a Dominant Man – Little Bit Of Erotic Fun #menage #erotica #MFF



When I get a little bored I write short erotic stories or poetry and today I wrote something wickedly naughty enjoy.

What a nice place to meet him. She thought entering the hotel lobby, she fired a quick message to him and took a seat to wait.…
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