15th Jul, 2017

The Spanking Bench and Me @fetishdotcom #smutsunday #BDSM

It’s strange where life takes you. Around 14 months ago I’d never seen a spanking bench but now, I spend a good deal of time hanging out on one or another. My favourite one is at Miss T’s in Stockport, it’s a good height, it’s soft and there’s a mirror propped right in front of it so I can watch what’s going on behind me…mind you, sometimes I choose to close my eyes!…

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12th Jul, 2017

The Face in the Mirror #WickedWednesday


It’s the same as always, beauty spot by my lip, arching eyebrows, fine lines from laughter and frowns. Hair pulled up lazily in a clip, curls tumbling, parting zig-zagging, fuzzed and fluffed and messy.  My eyes peep under drooping lids, sleep in the corner as I travel from the dream world to reality.…

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6th Dec, 2016

New Release: Sexy Just Got Kinky in time for Christmas! @8britbabes #erotica



Although this post is a break from the official Blissemas fun, what better Christmas present than a book filled with sexy and very kinky stories from the Brit Babes? Kink and Christmas do go hand in hand!

Welcome to Sexy Just Got Kinky, the third instalment of the Brit Babes’ Sexy Just series.…
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24th Nov, 2016

Genesis Chapter Kink-The Diary of V Bruce @talksmut #BDSM #kink #fetish


I recently had the joy of meeting a new joiner to the fetish world and it made me realise how amazing and overwhelming it is. The world of BDSM is so big and varied it can be daunting, luckily the new joiner had myself and my sub to help welcome this person.…

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18th Aug, 2016

It’s the Most Kinkiest Time of the Year – Genesis of a Dom #BDSM #Fetish @SexhibitionUK



Its the most kinkiest time of the year, yes you read that like a Christmas jingle I know. Well what can I say this is the weekend the kinky, fetish types like myself wait and dream of.


The one we save for months for its Sexhibition weekend.…

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