20th Mar, 2017

Masturbation Monday – Switching the Control #BDSM #Domination #MasturbationMonday

The Masturbation Monday image prompt made me think of a woman touching herself for her partner’s pleasure and I was happily reminded of a hot little novella I wrote where Melissa ends up giving complete control to a work competitor for a whole week and one particular scene which always gets me hot under the collar.  …

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12th Feb, 2017

‘Hands and Knees, now.’ Tender Sunday Snog @talksmut #eroticstories #BDSM


Last week I couldn’t give the real reason I was using ‘Suits You,Sir’ from Tender as the source of my Sunday Snog in case it gave the game away. This week I can. Did you see my First Time Flying Blog post? Well, the man I went to visit, my bestest friend, was the inspiration for this particular story.…

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5th Nov, 2016

10 years Published! New Release and a Tender Sunday Snog @TalkSmut #erotica #anthology



Today I Celebrate my 10 years of being a published author. How amazing is that? I can scarcely believe it. I always had a dream of becoming an author but even as a child I realised that wasn’t very realistic but here I am, 38 years old and I’m a writer, multiple published titles to my name.…

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2nd Apr, 2016

Sunday Snog with a Sexy View for Sir from Something Brave #BDSM #AlphaMale @Totally_Bound


Yay, it’s Sunday and I can share another hot snog. Now what shall I choose today? Something  with extra exhibitionism  from Something Brave I think.  There’s lots of sexy kisses in the book between the mysterious Sir and his brand new submissive, Felicity.


Blushing, shy Felicity does something incredibly brave and submits to a man she only knows as Sir, but will his demands push her beyond her limits?…

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28th Jan, 2016

The Diary of V Bruce: Dominance and Decorum #BDSM


The dynamic between a sub and a Dom is rather an interesting one. Many believe falsely— mostly thanks to a certain novel I will not name— that it is the Dom that calls the shots, I will however try to dispel this illusion and explain how my Dom/sub arrangements have started in the past.…

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