10th Sep, 2017

Body Back #SinfulSunday


Today is a celebration of my body. Both the item of clothing I wear most when I’m going out to dungeons and clubs and my actual fleshy body. 2 years ago I would *never* have bared so much outside my own home, now I don’t think twice about it.…

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22nd Apr, 2017

Purple Panties #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday So, how many names for undies can I come up with to use in this post? Oh bloomers, I think I’ve run out. Confession: I very often go commando and if I’m putting knickers on it’s because I’m looking to have them taken off again. The other day I put on one of my favourite pairs.…
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12th Jun, 2012

Lucy Felthouse Takes Over!



Hi everyone! Today is a very special day, as my good buddy Victoria and I are swapping blogs for the day. So I’ve got free rein over VictoriaBlisse.co.uk *runs around the place like a crazy person, jumping on the beds and raiding the cupboards*.

Seriously, though, I’m here to dish some dirt on the joint anthology Victoria and I just released, called Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills.…

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13th Mar, 2012

The Independent article and more about about me, my curves and my faith.

So, I was in the Independent on Saturday. No really, you didn’t know? Where’ve you been? I’ve barely spoken about anything else since, which I apologise for by the way but it’s not every day you feature in a national newspaper along with four other lovely erotica writing ladies.…

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24th Jan, 2012

Blisse Blokes – Joe from Rendezvous

blisseboysWelcome to another introduction to the blokes of Blisse. Today I’m imtroducing Joe from the Rendezvous trilogy. I love Joe and I know you will too. He’s American, has a wickedly delicious southern accent and he’s tall, dark and powerful. He’s got a workaholic streak that can be his downfall at times but he is as sexy a man as you’d ever like to imagine.…

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