22nd Apr, 2017

Purple Panties #SinfulSunday

Sinful Sunday So, how many names for undies can I come up with to use in this post? Oh bloomers, I think I’ve run out. Confession: I very often go commando and if I’m putting knickers on it’s because I’m looking to have them taken off again. The other day I put on one of my favourite pairs.…
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12th Jun, 2012

Lucy Felthouse Takes Over!



Hi everyone! Today is a very special day, as my good buddy Victoria and I are swapping blogs for the day. So I’ve got free rein over VictoriaBlisse.co.uk *runs around the place like a crazy person, jumping on the beds and raiding the cupboards*.

Seriously, though, I’m here to dish some dirt on the joint anthology Victoria and I just released, called Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills.…

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13th Mar, 2012

The Independent article and more about about me, my curves and my faith.

So, I was in the Independent on Saturday. No really, you didn’t know? Where’ve you been? I’ve barely spoken about anything else since, which I apologise for by the way but it’s not every day you feature in a national newspaper along with four other lovely erotica writing ladies.…

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24th Jan, 2012

Blisse Blokes – Joe from Rendezvous

blisseboysWelcome to another introduction to the blokes of Blisse. Today I’m imtroducing Joe from the Rendezvous trilogy. I love Joe and I know you will too. He’s American, has a wickedly delicious southern accent and he’s tall, dark and powerful. He’s got a workaholic streak that can be his downfall at times but he is as sexy a man as you’d ever like to imagine.…

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17th May, 2011

Feminine Curves with Casey Sheridan.

Welcome Casey Sheridan, she’s here today to talk about curves.

I’m sure most of us, if not all of us, have heard the saying, “Real women have curves.” But women aren’t the only ones with knockout curves.

“The curves were simply sensual, beautiful. Her hands caressed the hard body as they traveled over the smooth silken surface.” – from Ruby Red Metallic available at Breathless Press.…

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