13th Jan, 2018

Cup Runneth Over #SinfulSunday

After packing up the smut.UK erotic tombola on Sunday at Kage, Mr Blisse and I decided to have a play with a new purchase of ours. The photo above shows the marks on my back. These cups are fun and quite blummin’ painful. I like them!…

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17th Mar, 2017

Reverend Blisse Does Eroticon 2017 Part 3 of 3 @EroticonUK #sex #spirituality #writing


So here we go, part three of my Eroticon report. Today I’m donning my kinky dog collar and reminiscing about the weekend experience in my role as Reverend Blisse – cleric to the kinky.

Every day of my life I stumble across spiritual fulfilment. I don’t always look for it but I very often find it.…

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