10th Oct, 2017

Naked #Smutober

“Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to….erm, meeeeee, happy birthday to me!”

What else can you possibly wear on your birthday but your birthday suit, eh?


Bonus Birthday spanking bruises too. That’s what happens when you announce to a bunch of sadists that they can all have 39 spanks each with an implement of their choice!…

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24th Sep, 2017

Party Hat #SinfulSunday


Today was the first in several birthday celebrations- but my birthday isn’t for 2 more weeks. However, we celebrated 3 birthdays today at Kage, a regular BDSM event at Partners in Bury. I got my birthday party hat, lots of pressies and ate yummy gluten free chocolate cake.  …

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1st Sep, 2016

And One For Luck – Genesis of a Dom #kinky #BDSM #event @SmutUK



So its reached that time of the year again one that many dread and others love to celebrate. Its my birthday.

bdsm cake

But this year I do not dread the event, I rather have decided to embrace it. My under 30s event I run -BYT- has funnily enough, through no action or cause of my own, landed on this momentous day.…

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28th Apr, 2015

BDSM Birthday Bash -17 Years of Club Lash! @ClubLash


Everybody loves a birthday party so me and Mr Blisse eagerly headed out for Club Lash‘s 17th Birthday celebration. The theme of the night was Hollywood glamour so I got to wear my slinky velvet dress which I love and don’t get to wear often enough!  …

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10th Sep, 2013


Just a quick line today to direct you over to smutters.co.uk for the first birthday of Smut, now known as a Smutiversary!
There’s a contest to win a year of smut, so you’ll never be without something to uplift you in a special, smutty kind of way!…

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