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Sign Up for Sunday Snog #130 on 29th May 2016 #eroticauthors #bloghop #hotreads @TalkSmut


Every Sunday there is one Blog hop which provides you with the lip-locking loving you so desperately need. Full of kisses from awesome authors check out the other Sunday Snogs to get an idea of what goes down at these kind of things. And going down is encouraged by the way, lip to lip is not the only way to kiss!

If you want to join in this Sunday with your own kiss then read on. All you need to do is sign up in the list below and have a suitable kissing excerpt from one of your books (or one written especially for the occasion) of any length, any flavour and any heat level, let your imagination run wild.  You can use the above banner on your post but please be sure to link back to http://victoriablisse.co.uk/sunday-snog so readers can see all the kisses that are on offer.

See you on Sunday!

Sunday Snog Sign up for Sunday 29th May 2016

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