26th Sep, 2011

Review-We Kill Dead Things by Sommer Marsden.


Zombies and sex don’t really go together do they? It’s not a combination that instantly jumps to mind when you want to get into the mood for a little fun between the sheets is it?

Sommer Marsden seems to revel in this. The zombies are evil and gruesome and pretty damn terrifying in her book We Kill Dead Things but that only seems to make the sex all the sweeter.…

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30th Jul, 2010

Sex in the City Paris reviewed.

I’m afraid I haven’t been to Paris and reviewed the joys of Sex in the city of lovers but I have read an exciting anthology that strives to give you an insight into the sexier side of the city.

Anthology reading has its own special delight, it’s like sitting down with a bag of pick and mix sweets.…

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20th Jul, 2010

A Restorative Review.

Toni Sands has written a Lovely Review of my e-Xcite Story, Restoration. It’s a beautifully written review and here is part of it for you.

Not even at home is Theresa safe from her fantasies and frustration. She weaves a steamy web around an awesome threesome, imagining both the stone god and the doctor pleasuring her.

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5th Sep, 2009

I kissed a Girl – A review.

I am straight, which seems a strange way to start a review of an anthology of girls kissing girls but it’s true. And I approached I kissed a girl cautiously, honestly thinking I’d be left cold but you know, that’s not how it turned out at all.…

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28th Jul, 2008

Victoria Blisse Reviews.

I’ve got another string to my bow now, I’ve started reviewing for ERWA (Erotic Readers and Writers Association) and I’m really enjoying it.

I was thrilled to complete my first review on a book I love by the incredibly talented author, Elizabeth Amber. And here it is, check it out, then be sure to check out Elizabeth’s Books -they’re fantastic.…

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