20th Oct, 2012

Two confessions and a success story! Toad in the Hole Nigella Lawson style.

Do Something Saturday -Toad in the Hole Nigella Lawson Style

I have a couple of confessions before I get onto the exciting bit of this blog post.

Confession 1:

I have a severe case of pantry jealousy. I want Nigella Lawson’s pantry. I am sure on the most stress filled days sitting in there surrounded by such foodie delight would calm my soul.…

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13th Oct, 2012

Do Something Saturday! Really Easy Naan Bread Pizza

Do Something Saturdays! Easy Naan Bread Pizza

This is the first of a new incarnation at victoriablisse.co.uk and I’m hoping that every Saturday I will bring you something new to try. Weekends are the perfect opportunity to try out something different. We get time to indulge in things we want to do instead of having to work hard at the things we have to do.…

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11th Jan, 2011

Naked Chef.

Don’t worry, there’s no WI calendar photos of me in this blog. Maybe if there is an outcry for me to pose with nothing but cream buns covering my modesty I might just ‘treat’ you to that!

But this Naked chef writes recipes for the Total-E-Bound Newsletter and she is called Victoria Blisse.…

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9th Dec, 2010

Christmas Chocolate Biscuits.


That’s cookies to those across the pond! I’m bringing you a Blissemas Present today in the form of theses deliciously moreish chocolatey treats. Recipe Courtesty of Nigella Lawson.



Makes approx 25 Biscuit: 250g soft butter 150g caster sugar 40g cocoa powder 300g plain flour 1/2 tsp bicarb of soda 1 tsp baking powder

Topping: 2 x 15ml tablesp cocoa powder 175g icing sugar 60ml boiling water, from a kettle 1 tsp vanilla extract Christmas Sprinkles

Preheat oven, 170deg C/ gas mark 3 Line baking tray with baking paper.…

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22nd Apr, 2009

Touchy Feely

Play dough!

I bet you didn’t expect that did you? Well, the other day my daughter and I made some play dough, it’s great stuff isn’t it?


It certainly has kept my daughter quiet and entertained and I enjoy playing with it too. It’s so tactile and it immediately takes me back to my childhood.…

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